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Inadequate planning system holding up affordable housing delivery

13th December 2018 View

Reducing crime on housing developments

10th December 2018 View

Trade association calls for more consistent approach to acoustics

6th December 2018 View

Combustible materials banned by Government on high-rise homes

5th December 2018 View

Housing survey reveals 12% of tenants struggle with damp and mould

29th November 2018 View

HAs pledge to form a “united front” to tackle homes shortage

28th November 2018 View

Voluntary Right to Buy: the shot in the arm social housing needed?

27th November 2018 View

Vortice goes even Greener

23rd November 2018 View

Discrimination in the housing sector

19th November 2018 View

Supply and demand – fixing the housing crisis

14th November 2018 View

Permitted development expansion will affect vulnerable people, warn experts

12th November 2018 View

SMEs are a key to solving the housing crisis

6th November 2018 View

Everything you need to know about shared ownership

1st November 2018 View

What the Autumn Budget means for housing

30th October 2018 View

Further environmental checks for Grenfell site

29th October 2018 View

London councils offered more funding for delivery of new homes

24th October 2018 View

Wi-fi from BT helps Rochdale residents thrive

23rd October 2018 View

Right to buy costing councils a staggering £300 million per year

16th October 2018 View

Council housing boost as lending cap lifted

4th October 2018 View

PM pledges to build the homes this country needs

20th September 2018 View

Government must stamp out outdated housing taxes to help young people buy

19th September 2018 View

Five leading letting agents risk breaking discrimination law

4th September 2018 View

INFOGRAPHIC: Why housing associations matter

31st August 2018 View

More than 150,000 homes for social rent lost in just five years

24th August 2018 View

More than 420,000 people get on the housing ladder with Help to Buy

21st August 2018 View

Housing crisis – is modular offsite the solution?

15th August 2018 View

How Brexit affects housebuilding

13th August 2018 View

Stronger powers granted to councils to tackle empty homes

8th August 2018 View

Action to address recent fire door issues

2nd August 2018 View

No sign of Brexit nerves in construction

30th July 2018 View

Chance to solve rural housing crisis ‘severely limited’ by changes to planning rules

26th July 2018 View

Increase in house building delivers huge boost to UK economy

24th July 2018 View

Over half of homeless families in England are in work, shocking new figures show

23rd July 2018 View

New funding for innovative projects to build stronger communities

12th July 2018 View

ANOTHER new Housing Minister – industry response

10th July 2018 View

London has the biggest housing shortfall in the country

6th July 2018 View

Government need to invest significantly in tackling housing crisis

4th July 2018 View

Right to buy: too many being sold, not enough replacements being built

3rd July 2018 View

Small sites and small builders will build homes faster

2nd July 2018 View

Government confirms massive funding boost for social housing

29th June 2018 View

Housing associations and councils key to tackling chronic shortage of affordable homes

27th June 2018 View

House building review calls for changes to ensure new homes are built faster

25th June 2018 View

Only one social home is built for almost every three sold off

18th June 2018 View

43% of Brits live in homes which fail to meet the ‘Living Home Standard’

13th June 2018 View

One year on from Grenfell, millions still stuck on housing waiting lists

11th June 2018 View

New powers for councils to deliver homes for local families

6th June 2018 View

266% pay rise – what the average Londoner needs to buy a home

4th June 2018 View

CIH launches new domestic abuse pledge for housing organisations

1st June 2018 View

2% of councils say new development is meeting demand for affordable homes

30th May 2018 View

England short of four million homes

25th May 2018 View

Social housing professionals invited get to grips with growing issue of moisture in properties

22nd May 2018 View

Rogue landlords ‘named and shamed’

22nd May 2018 View

OPINION: "Hackitt’s ‘softly softly’ approach to high rise cladding safety is a disappointment"

18th May 2018 View

New report calls for greater powers for Mayor to get land for homes

18th May 2018 View

Government commits to major building safety reforms

17th May 2018 View

Government action to end letting fees

3rd May 2018 View

Façade experts team up to launch free advice surgery

30th April 2018 View

Baby boomers hit by ‘shattering impact’ of housing crisis

30th April 2018 View

Latest figures illustrate desperate need for new genuinely affordable homes

27th April 2018 View

1m construction workers needed to meet housebuilding target

26th April 2018 View

MPs debate new legislation to bring long-term empty homes back into use

24th April 2018 View

Barratt Developments agree to pay fire safety costs

20th April 2018 View

Brick numbers increasing daily

18th April 2018 View

Government consults on proposals to toughen rules on building safety

16th April 2018 View

Housebuilders urge Government to stop providing ammunition for NIMBYs

9th April 2018 View

New boost to rogue landlord crackdown

6th April 2018 View

Government boosts councils’ powers to help bring empty homes back into use

29th March 2018 View

Cross-party MPs say small builders are key to solving housing crisis and call on Government to act

28th March 2018 View

Government investment to unlock more homes across England

23rd March 2018 View

Another missed opportunity to get us building more

19th March 2018 View

Spring Statement fails to rise to the challenge facing Britain, says Khan

16th March 2018 View

Housing Minister announces homes boost for rural families

13th March 2018 View

PM speech on housing to set out changes to planning rules

5th March 2018 View

Fate of Grenfell Tower site now in the hands of the bereaved

2nd March 2018 View


27th February 2018 View

New money to build homes stalled by planning

26th February 2018 View

New build homes offer savings of £629 per year

21st February 2018 View

Government moves towards a shake-up of broken housing complaints system

19th February 2018 View

Parliament approves funding increase for local authorities

15th February 2018 View

Rural market sits tight as Brexit uncertainty looms

14th February 2018 View

Parliament approves real terms increase in funding for local authorities

9th February 2018 View

Government ushers in a new generation of town houses

8th February 2018 View

Mayor announces largest TfL site so far for major housing boost

6th February 2018 View

Building research academic appointed to examine rising humidity and wetness trend in UK homes

6th February 2018 View

£866 million investment to help unlock potential 200,000 new homes

1st February 2018 View

Housebuilders innovating and investing to plug the housing gap

29th January 2018 View

New guidance to help social landlords meet their obligations on allocations and suspensions

25th January 2018 View

Stamp duty change to have limited impact, suggest experts

18th January 2018 View

Government supports new measures to improve the safety of tenants

16th January 2018 View

Building homes the continental way

12th January 2018 View

Flamco appoints new sales director for domestic sector

12th January 2018 View

Government renew focus on housing

11th January 2018 View

Former mining activities could affect a third of residential properties

10th January 2018 View

£2 billion boost for affordable housing and long term deal for social rent

8th January 2018 View

Rogue landlords put on notice as government announces tough new powers

3rd January 2018 View

Post-Brexit access to skilled labour is essential for hitting housing targets

21st December 2017 View

Empty spaces above shops could help solve the housing crisis

18th December 2017 View

The "make or break" budget; a end-of-year housing perspective

11th December 2017 View

Social housing demand at record high

7th December 2017 View

Housebuilders in England are heavily reliant on foreign labour

6th December 2017 View

How indoor air pollution affects your health

4th December 2017 View

Mayor rips up old planning rules to get London building

1st December 2017 View

Housing supply needs an almighty shove not just a nudge

30th November 2017 View

"Budget commitment good but crucial we build the right homes in the right places"

29th November 2017 View

"A budget is more than just headlines" says HBA

23rd November 2017 View

Industry respond to the "make or break" budget

22nd November 2017 View

Number of new homes being built up by 15%

21st November 2017 View

Get set for winter with a free boiler service from Smart Cover Insurance

20th November 2017 View

Industry responds to new homes and reclassification of housing associations

17th November 2017 View

"We must get back to building the homes this country needs" pledges PM

16th November 2017 View

Mayor calls on Chancellor to take action on homebuilding in Budget

15th November 2017 View

New Rural homes needed desperately to protect country life

13th November 2017 View

Funding for supported housing for older people to encourage building new homes

3rd November 2017 View

A year on lower benefit cap is pushing thousands into poverty

2nd November 2017 View

New figures reveal London needs to double rate of homebuilding

27th October 2017 View

Government ditch controversial LHA cap plans

25th October 2017 View

The latest issue has landed!

25th October 2017 View

Government cap will make social housing unaffordable for those in need

24th October 2017 View

Crackdown on unfair managing agents

19th October 2017 View

Government helps local authorities tackle homelessness

17th October 2017 View

The real reasons why we aren’t building enough new homes

13th October 2017 View

PM reveals £9bn is now available to help deliver more social and affordable housing

4th October 2017 View

Theresa May rumoured to announce substantial amount of new council housing

4th October 2017 View

More than 700 promised social homes lost due to loophole exploited by big developers

29th September 2017 View

Social value of building energy-efficient housing

29th September 2017 View

Councils and HAs must work closer together, advise experts

27th September 2017 View

£22.8 million boost to give power back to communities

22nd September 2017 View

An increase in Shared Ownership could help ease the UK’s housing crisis

21st September 2017 View

Lib Dems call for more borrowing powers for councils to build affordable housing

20th September 2017 View

New planning approach to speed up delivering homes

18th September 2017 View

Building work increases in wake of Grenfell tragedy

15th September 2017 View

Time is running out to join Eco Connect London!

13th September 2017 View

Lack of land and lending is blocking new homes

12th September 2017 View

Housing associations relieve pressure on NHS, says new report

12th September 2017 View

The least affordable cities in the UK

5th September 2017 View

Skills shortage must be addressed to end housing crisis and harness offsite growth

4th September 2017 View

Prime Minister needs to "strengthen voice of social housing residents"

1st September 2017 View

Government adversely affecting delivery of homes for vulnerable people

30th August 2017 View

Housebuilding remains strong as infrastructure reaches a new low

25th August 2017 View

Housing White Paper MUST be implemented

21st August 2017 View

Jeremy Corbyn calls for further action on Grenfell Inquiry

18th August 2017 View

New planning rules to boost affordable housing

17th August 2017 View

National conversation needed about the value of social housing

15th August 2017 View

£6.2 million government boost to help unlock 15,000 new homes

11th August 2017 View

London will fall further behind on new council homes without more action from Mayor

10th August 2017 View

Further results published from government’s fire testing programme

9th August 2017 View

Most Grenfell survivors still without housing

8th August 2017 View

34,000 households previously capped have moved into work

4th August 2017 View

Two-thirds of landlords not willing to let to credit claimants under 35

2nd August 2017 View

Fire safety tests reaffirms actions for landlords

31st July 2017 View

Regulator urges social housing providers to undertake robust stress-testing

28th July 2017 View

Research reveals the sustainability of the social housing sector

27th July 2017 View

Crackdown on unfair leasehold practices

27th July 2017 View

Councils housing a secondary school’s worth of homeless children each month

24th July 2017 View

Local councils to receive £15 million in extra funding

21st July 2017 View

Ensure that recladding work meets building regs, advises expert panel

18th July 2017 View

Uncertainty continues to stifle the housing market

13th July 2017 View

Legal & General unveils turn-key modular housing prototype

13th July 2017 View

Research shows private landlords are out of touch with tenants

12th July 2017 View

Bovis inject £3.5m into fixing flawed homes following spate of complaints

7th July 2017 View

New survey reveals public concern about government response to housing crisis

6th July 2017 View

London loosens grip on construction but housebuilding remains strong

4th July 2017 View

Jump in number of homeless households in temporary accommodation staggering

23rd June 2017 View

Political uncertainty has not quashed hopes for a summer housing rebound

20th June 2017 View

New Housing Minister must build on Housing White Paper

14th June 2017 View

Alok Sharma appointed as planning minister

14th June 2017 View

Sajid Javid re-appointed minister for communities and local government

13th June 2017 View

Hung parliament – industry reaction

9th June 2017 View

Election causing housing market uncertainty

8th June 2017 View

Not enough focus on affordability, say housing professionals

6th June 2017 View

Reducing the Costs of Evictions in Social Housing

1st June 2017 View

"It’s not just about building more homes, it’s about the kind of homes we build too"

30th May 2017 View

Councils warning of severe need for affordable homes

25th May 2017 View

Cross-party consensus: voters want new homes

23rd May 2017 View

Industry responds to conservatives pledge for 500,000+ homes by 2022

18th May 2017 View

Housing pressures causing mental health problems for 1 in 5 adults

18th May 2017 View

National Housing Federation response to the Liberal Democrat Party’s general election manifesto

17th May 2017 View

National Housing Federation response to the Labour Party’s general election manifesto

16th May 2017 View

Capping aspiration: The Millennial housing challenge

12th May 2017 View

TCPA urges major planning policy shift to deliver high quality affordable homes

5th May 2017 View

Green belt, Brownfield and the West Midlands Mayoral election

3rd May 2017 View

“Fixing broken housing market needs cross-party consensus”

28th April 2017 View

Labour councils have built 50% more homes than Tories

27th April 2017 View

Brownfield registers and permission in principle

25th April 2017 View

Mayor boosts community-led housing to build more affordable homes

25th April 2017 View

Election ‘an ideal opportunity to look pragmatically at housing crisis’

19th April 2017 View

Majority of housing associations failing to provide a smooth online experience

18th April 2017 View

Genuinely affordable houses needed NOW to curb increasing homelessness

13th April 2017 View

Watch out for asbestos when tackling the housing crisis

11th April 2017 View

London Mayor strikes landmark deal for 20,000 new homes

7th April 2017 View

Tougher measures to target rogue landlords

6th April 2017 View

New housing research centre will make a very real difference

6th April 2017 View

New measures to unlock brownfield land for thousands of homes

4th April 2017 View

Five million low-income workers priced out of renting and buying

3rd April 2017 View

Homelessness bill passed as numbers in temporary accommodation rises by 10%

24th March 2017 View

73 Local Authorities bring 9,000 empty properties back into use

22nd March 2017 View

£45 million to accelerate construction of 4,500 homes

20th March 2017 View

New grant will allow councils to prioritise homelessness prevention

17th March 2017 View

Social landlords are stepping in to tackle youth poverty

14th March 2017 View

What Spring Budget 2017 means for housing

9th March 2017 View

Funding imbalance must be fixed to solve housing crisis

6th March 2017 View

British Gypsum supports SME builders leading new housing charge

3rd March 2017 View

Housing starts at a 9-year high

28th February 2017 View

Saint-Gobain working with Barnardo’s to deliver starter homes for care leavers

23rd February 2017 View

What is the impact of the Apprenticeship Levy on Housing Associations?

22nd February 2017 View

Bovis Homes decreasing housing output in 2017 to improve quality

20th February 2017 View

UK’s top home emergency fears revealed

15th February 2017 View

VIDEO: RICS Residential Survey highlights

13th February 2017 View

White Paper: industry response

8th February 2017 View

Today’s Housing White Paper promises to fix “broken” housing market

7th February 2017 View

£7bn released for affordable homes

7th February 2017 View

Wembley Park set to become the largest build to rent development site in the UK

7th February 2017 View

Government have extended ECO Help to Heat scheme

3rd February 2017 View

45,000 too few homes built in the West Midlands in the last five years

2nd February 2017 View

INFOGRAPHIC: Modular construction vs. traditional construction

30th January 2017 View

Shared ownership now seen as a key route onto housing ladder

25th January 2017 View

Councils need to resume building affordable homes to tackle homelessness

19th January 2017 View

Nottingham City Homes apprentices fix community project blighted by vandals

19th January 2017 View

SMEs could deliver 25k more homes a year if barriers are removed

17th January 2017 View

Research report for Voluntary Right to Buy pilot published

13th January 2017 View

HA explores: garden villages

11th January 2017 View

New money for affordable homes released

5th January 2017 View

Housebuilders are delivering more homes - and they’re bigger too!

3rd January 2017 View

Chinese to help deliver 25,000 modular homes by 2022

20th December 2016 View

Planning cuts make housing targets impossible, says 90% of local authorities

19th December 2016 View

Mapping where new affordable homes in London could be

16th December 2016 View

New banning orders to stop rogue landlords in their tracks

14th December 2016 View

Resolve the social housing crisis using modern methods of construction

12th December 2016 View

Recovery in housing following lull

8th December 2016 View

£400m deal to deliver new homes and jobs in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester

5th December 2016 View

Social housing sector remains financially strong, says HCA

2nd December 2016 View

Mayor sets out ambitious plans to deliver 90,000 affordable homes for Londoners

29th November 2016 View

£65k ZEDpod aims to shake up affordable homes market

28th November 2016 View

Sajid Javid promises a housing market that works for everyone

25th November 2016 View

Autumn Statement 2016: industry response

23rd November 2016 View

Autumn Statement: Chancellor outlines plans to tackle lack of housing

23rd November 2016 View

Record entries into UK Housing Awards 2017

23rd November 2016 View

Britain building again as new homes rise by highest level in 8 years

17th November 2016 View

Government announce £18 million fund to accelerate house building

15th November 2016 View

Allow councils to borrow to tackle housing crisis, say experts

14th November 2016 View

Hundreds of new homes made available to armed forces and emergency personnel

4th November 2016 View

Mayor fast-tracks more public land for affordable homes

1st November 2016 View

New bill imposes duty on local authorities to help reduce homelessness

27th October 2016 View

Housing Minister to tackle overcrowded housing

24th October 2016 View

Strong Welsh budget for housing will help provide 20,000 homes

20th October 2016 View

Government report large increase in stock owned by social housing providers

13th October 2016 View

Government making housebuilding a top priority will settle industry nerves

13th October 2016 View

Autumn Statement a chance for Government to increase affordable housing supply

11th October 2016 View

“Get out your hard hat Theresa,” say RICS - we’re facing a 1.8m shortage of rental properties

5th October 2016 View

Chancellor Philip Hammond to prioritise house building over deficit

3rd October 2016 View

Labour pledge 250,000 new council houses

29th September 2016 View

Over 45,000 council homes sold under Right to Buy in just 4 years

23rd September 2016 View

62% of baby boomers would accept a house price hit to help young

22nd September 2016 View

Flawed house building figures “lose” a town the size of Stevenage every year

19th September 2016 View

New Government Bill to boost housebuilding

14th September 2016 View

Rebound in UK housing market following post-EU referendum dip

12th September 2016 View

Business as usual for two thirds of SME house builders, says FMB

8th September 2016 View

Sadiq Khan approves plans for up to 10,000 new homes

6th September 2016 View

Vulnerable West Midlands residents could lose an average £65 in Housing Benefit a week

5th September 2016 View

Three months to Scotland’s fuel poverty deadline

2nd September 2016 View

Increase in number of new homes built and started

1st September 2016 View

Social housing sector reports continued strong financial performance

30th August 2016 View

Private landlords double takings from public purse to £9 billion

23rd August 2016 View

Bovis Homes experience 15% profit increase

16th August 2016 View

Stoll launches centenary appeal to build 100 more homes for Veterans

10th August 2016 View

“Northern Powerhouse” expansion good news for housing, says Moda

3rd August 2016 View

Social Landlord Leaders: No more right to buy and “not a moment too soon”

27th July 2016 View

CIH disappointed and worried by delay in announcement on supported housing

26th July 2016 View

Croydon enlists award-winning developer to deliver hundreds of mid-market homes

22nd July 2016 View

More people owning their own home

21st July 2016 View

New Housing Minister Announcement – industry responds

19th July 2016 View

Theresa May appoints new Minister of State for Housing and Planning

18th July 2016 View

We must tackle the housing crisis – Lords economic affairs committee

15th July 2016 View

Housebuilding percentage much higher when local neighbourhood is involved in planning

12th July 2016 View

Housing quality deemed ‘mediocre’ compared to other European countries

11th July 2016 View

Housing associations in merger talks to form a 65,500-home landlord

6th July 2016 View

It’s been a bad month for the economy… but there’s a silver lining for housing

5th July 2016 View


5th July 2016 View

Housing must remain strong regardless of referendum result

24th June 2016 View

Top housebuilders warn that leaving EU will make homes harder to build

20th June 2016 View

Rent accounts for the biggest chunk of Londoner’s incomes since 2007

17th June 2016 View

Brexit alone will not solve the housing crisis, advises HBA

8th June 2016 View

Housing associations have become more financially efficient

7th June 2016 View

New research indicates 203,000 empty homes in England

2nd June 2016 View

Housebuilding surge causes construction wages to skyrocket

25th May 2016 View

Residential construction remains strong… despite economic scepticism

19th May 2016 View

Mayor reveals full extent of London’s housing crisis

16th May 2016 View

Housing and Planning Bill gets royal assent

16th May 2016 View

Councils call on government to do more to tackle affordable housing

12th May 2016 View

Judgment paves way to build more homes on small sites

12th May 2016 View

Zero carbon homes - back again?

6th May 2016 View

Empty homes reach all time low

3rd May 2016 View

Mayoral candidates reaffirm housing’s importance at hustings

28th April 2016 View

£1bn European Investment Bank backing for UK social housing

25th April 2016 View

275,000 homes to be built on green belt

25th April 2016 View

Government make £4.7bn available to build over 150,000 homes

21st April 2016 View

Don’t sell off affordable homes, warns Labour

20th April 2016 View

Over half of all MPs think that planning fees should increase

18th April 2016 View

EU referendum uncertainty affecting housing market, says RICS

14th April 2016 View

UK Housing Review explained

13th April 2016 View

Up to 10,000 homes to be built around rail stations

11th April 2016 View

Mayoral candidates speak out on accessible housing after Osborne disability cuts disaster

7th April 2016 View

New merger organisation to deliver 100,000 new homes

6th April 2016 View

31,000 homes in Birmingham to receive repairs and maintenance

6th April 2016 View

50,000 take up Right to Buy since 2012

1st April 2016 View

New government plans for 1 new home in 5 to be a starter home

29th March 2016 View

Q4 energy efficiency report shows surge in solar

22nd March 2016 View

Budget a ‘missed opportunity’ in race to meet housing targets, warns FMB

16th March 2016 View

Report calls for more affordable housing as first-time buyer figures remain static

16th March 2016 View

Councils could boost housebuilding if handed extra powers

15th March 2016 View

£6bn plan to deliver 45,000 homes in the Black Country

14th March 2016 View

Next Mayor of London must commit to building 50,000 homes a year

10th March 2016 View

Key decision opens door for major social housing projects

8th March 2016 View

Housing starts and completions hit 7-year high

7th March 2016 View

House of Lords is right to emphasise housebuilding quality over focus on speed and volume

29th February 2016 View

House building completions up 21% in 2015 compared with previous year

25th February 2016 View

What does your front door say about you?

24th February 2016 View

An increasing number of Social renters expect to buy their home

23rd February 2016 View

Local house builders can deliver quality and quantity

22nd February 2016 View

Lords Committee says LA’s and HA’s are crucial for meeting housebuilding demand

19th February 2016 View

“We are turning around the housing market” says Brandon Lewis

18th February 2016 View

Energy efficiency in homes must be paramount

17th February 2016 View

“The need for new homes doesn’t stop where our cities end” – Housebuilding in rural areas

17th February 2016 View

From a city of ‘owners’ to a city of ‘renters’ - all in a generation

16th February 2016 View

LGA responds to CLG committee on Right to Buy extension

10th February 2016 View

Free solar available for Housing Association tenants

9th February 2016 View

2016 begins on a housing market high

5th February 2016 View

Zedfactory to unveil groundbreaking solution to homes shortage at Ecobuild

5th February 2016 View

Estate regeneration to cause large loss of affordable housing in London

4th February 2016 View

Councils need greater powers to prevent loss of 80,000 homes by 2020

3rd February 2016 View

VIDEO: Policies that could help us deliver more affordable housing

1st February 2016 View

Oxfordshire tenants among first to apply for voluntary Right to Buy

28th January 2016 View

Government to sell 600 acres of surplus public sector land for housing

27th January 2016 View

Vulnerable tenants to lose £68 a week in housing benefit

26th January 2016 View

Over 100k jobs created by surge in house building

25th January 2016 View

MoD land available for housing, but no skills could mean no building

22nd January 2016 View

Half of landlords unprepared for ‘Right to Rent’

20th January 2016 View

Stephen Fry to join the building & construction industry at Ecobuild 2016

18th January 2016 View

Industry responds to Prime Ministers pledge to transform sink estates

15th January 2016 View

Skills shortage means housebuilding is down and backlog growing

14th January 2016 View

Pegler Yorkshire offer free CPD training and online modules

13th January 2016 View

475,647 homes have planning permission but still haven’t been built

7th January 2016 View

Over 2.5 million people a year could be subject to new immigration checks to rent a home

6th January 2016 View

Tens of thousands of homes on brownfield supported by Housing Zone funding

5th January 2016 View

Small land parcels are key to delivering Government’s new homes

4th January 2016 View

Council to provide hundreds of homes for homeless families

21st December 2015 View

Pay to stay to be voluntary for housing associations

16th December 2015 View

Sharp decline in housebuilding threatens Osborne’s targets

14th December 2015 View

Levels of immigration will require 350 new homes per day

9th December 2015 View

The house that costs £15 per year to run

8th December 2015 View

Pay dispute at north east’s biggest housing association triggers industrial action

4th December 2015 View

Could simple changes to homes of older people save the NHS £600m a year?

3rd December 2015 View

“Cutting Red Tape” review to get Britain building

3rd December 2015 View

Is modular the solution to Britain’s housing crisis?

30th November 2015 View

Autumn Statement: How it will affect the housing industry

25th November 2015 View

Half of tenant subletting occurs without landlord consent

23rd November 2015 View

House-building in England up… but still a long way to go

20th November 2015 View

Xmas card drive: Housing association calls for help to combat loneliness

19th November 2015 View

Almost half of construction contract values in October came from residential sector

19th November 2015 View

50,000 new affordable homes to be built in £3bn pledge

19th November 2015 View

Councils respond to latest Right to buy figures

17th November 2015 View

Britain building again as new homes rise by a quarter

16th November 2015 View

Prisons to be replaced with housing… will it be affordable?

9th November 2015 View

New measures to tackle rogue landlords and overcrowded housing

9th November 2015 View

We’re only building half the homes we need - young couples suffer most

4th November 2015 View

Industry comments on: ONS reclassifying English housing associations as public sector

4th November 2015 View

Neighbourhood planning powers boosting plans for housebuilding by more than 10%

3rd November 2015 View

Scotland needs 12,000+ new affordable homes annually, says Labour

2nd November 2015 View

UK tradesmen shortfall could inflame housing shortage

29th October 2015 View

Is your Local MP a landlord? Find out here

23rd October 2015 View

Highland Housing Association announces plans to build 600 homes

23rd October 2015 View

Government report highlights racial discrimination by some private landlords

21st October 2015 View

NHF lobby for HA’s to set their own rents by 2020

21st October 2015 View

George Osborne: “We’re going to build the home owning democracy that this party stood for”

6th October 2015 View

Healthier homes for the future - Ecobuild debates

2nd October 2015 View

UK Construction Week: an event for the entire industry

29th September 2015 View

5% rise in homelessness revealed in private rented sector

25th September 2015 View

Skills shortage and planning system preventing homes from being built

23rd September 2015 View

Government announce today that a million homes are to be built

21st September 2015 View

Right to Buy creates nearly 40,000 new homeowners

21st September 2015 View

Homes should be seen as national infrastructure

17th September 2015 View

Housing shortage solutions: from self-build communities to floating homes

16th September 2015 View

Brandon Lewis launches expert panel to speed up development

16th September 2015 View

Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to end London’s housing crisis

14th September 2015 View

Garden cities must be exempt from Right to Buy

14th September 2015 View

Brandon Lewis calls on youngsters to build a career in construction

4th September 2015 View

The Sun Aint Gonna Shine for social landlords... following cuts to solar plans

3rd September 2015 View

New rules to offer more protection against unauthorised occupation

1st September 2015 View

Council to fit 5,000 council houses with solar panels

28th August 2015 View

Dorset residents TRADE places for the day

28th August 2015 View

Social housing provider blames government for mass redundancies

27th August 2015 View

Could employers help kill the housing crisis and save the planet? Pt. 2

26th August 2015 View

Housing demand reaches staggering 11-year high

24th August 2015 View

Government to tackle rural housing shortage… but not affordability

21st August 2015 View

Delivering homes for hardworking people

20th August 2015 View

Giant housing summit to set post-election agenda

20th August 2015 View

Is there life after the scrapping of the Green Deal?

18th August 2015 View

Ermm… what does “housing crisis” mean? pt. 1

17th August 2015 View

Diamond anniversary for Green Belt - and for the future?

14th August 2015 View

Office to residential indecision hurting industry

13th August 2015 View

Buy to let: not a saint, not a sinner

6th August 2015 View

A cost effective renewable energy source for Clifford Lamb Court

5th August 2015 View

High Court block efforts to slash affordable housing levy

5th August 2015 View

Illegal immigrants – landlords could face 5-year-sentence

3rd August 2015 View

One Manchester proposes its first new build housing scheme

3rd August 2015 View

Housing Zone scheme provides 50,000 homes for London

30th July 2015 View

Cameron declares war - on money launderers

29th July 2015 View

The Green Deal is dead – who misses it? The industry comments:

29th July 2015 View

New, large, affordable: family eco homes!

28th July 2015 View

Rent will be 12% lower than expected in 5 years

27th July 2015 View

Green deal? No deal for insulation as cuts are made

24th July 2015 View

Thar be treasure! Hoard found at Norwich housing development

22nd July 2015 View

‘Good landlord scheme’ no good

20th July 2015 View

UK’s first ‘smart’ carbon positive energy house

17th July 2015 View

Tackling local Taunton housing shortage

16th July 2015 View

Are pensioners hogging our countryside?

15th July 2015 View

Handsworth residents hail new homes a success

14th July 2015 View

"Common sense on zero carbon will boost housing supply"

13th July 2015 View

George Osborne pledges to build more houses

10th July 2015 View

How Budget 2015 will affect housing

8th July 2015 View

High-quality homes in Kew gain approval

7th July 2015 View

£100 million boost for small house builders

7th July 2015 View

We need to attract new talent into housing

6th July 2015 View

‘Senior Living Development of the Year’ winner announced

3rd July 2015 View

Quarter of a million homes granted planning permission

1st July 2015 View

Affordable homes - restored to factory setting!

26th June 2015 View

CIH urge older generation to end “NIMBYism”

25th June 2015 View

Worst deal in Europe: UK rents double the continental average

24th June 2015 View

New CIH chief executive discusses housing policy

23rd June 2015 View

‘Pay Ahead, Stay Ahead’ saves young people money

23rd June 2015 View

New affordable housing scheme set to make the grade

19th June 2015 View

Energy efficiency – it is now the law

19th June 2015 View

131 a day – with Help to Buy

18th June 2015 View

Little by little – 48 more affordable homes

17th June 2015 View

Is this the future for housing associations?

17th June 2015 View

Without skills training we cannot meet demand

15th June 2015 View

Share your BIM story and win tickets to the ashes

15th June 2015 View

CIH Cymru calls for more investment in social housing

12th June 2015 View

Goliath trumps David in the planning permissions game

10th June 2015 View

Affordable new homes - a great place to live

9th June 2015 View

Two thirds of adults agree, design matters in new homes

8th June 2015 View

Industry Award for former shoe factory

5th June 2015 View

Housing suffers election hangover

1st June 2015 View

Top Prize for Bold and Creative Housing Scheme

28th May 2015 View

The Queen’s speech: What the industry is saying

27th May 2015 View

Housing high on the agenda in Queen’s speech to Parliament

26th May 2015 View

Labour favourite for mayor focuses on housing crisis

22nd May 2015 View

Affordable homes plans lodged in Sheffield

21st May 2015 View

86 empty properties brought back to life to create new homes

20th May 2015 View

Orbit launches housing first with real-time customer feedback

20th May 2015 View

29,000 new affordable homes needed in the East

19th May 2015 View

How a Conservative government affects housing

8th May 2015 View

New housing registrations up 18%

8th May 2015 View

Right-to-buy – 35 years on

7th May 2015 View

Planning out poverty

6th May 2015 View

District heating in London

1st May 2015 View

Bricks blight may thwart housing targets

28th April 2015 View

Right-to-buy extended to HA stock

27th April 2015 View

New appointments

25th April 2015 View

What do 49% of parents fear?

22nd April 2015 View

Planning and the 2015 Manifestos

22nd April 2015 View

Can the Greens really build 500,000 council houses by 2020?

21st April 2015 View

Greens pledge to cut VAT on housing repairs

7th April 2015 View

Outrage as letting agent calls for a hoick in rent charges

31st March 2015 View

Entu growth no Façade as company acquire Astley

27th March 2015 View

Phase 3 of investment in Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

20th March 2015 View

Deal To Develop First Dementia Centres of Excellence Agreed

19th March 2015 View

Fancy a seat in Parliament - how about a three piece suite?

17th March 2015 View

Ensuring the safety of tenants

3rd March 2015 View

Oh yes they will! Oh no they won’t! The political housing pantomim

2nd March 2015 View

Persimmon holds enough land for 100,000 houses

24th February 2015 View

Builders get behind Scottish Government’s ‘Small Developer Scheme’

6th February 2015 View

History author claims Oxford University abetted housing crisis

6th February 2015 View

Housing market creeps up in ‘new year bounce’

6th February 2015 View

The death of the right-to-buy scheme

6th February 2015 View

Are Barnet council ‘social cleansing?

6th February 2015 View

Are commitments to affordable housing relaxing?

5th February 2015 View
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