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What we can offer is frequented by specifiers, architects, contractors and key decision makers within the industry. Our database of 28,000 named contacts are regularly directed to our site through news bulletins, e-bulls and read online reminders – all 100% requested by the reader. This means that above all audience is highly targeted and relevant – the right people to expose your product or service to.

We provide a multitude of advertising opportunities throughout our website. Typically, ad positions are available on the Home Page, HA News, each individual Product News category.  Speak to one of our team who will help you decide on where is best for your advert to be featured on our site.

Sponsored content, PR and advertorial

As well as offering traditional online advertising buttons, banners and skyscrapers, we also feature PR and advertorial on our site. Have you got a really great case study? Some exciting company news? Has your PR agent written a great piece of advertorial? Have you written a great blog piece for your business website that isn’t getting read? Feature it on our website in Product News for a small fee and get it seen by the industry! We also offer sponsorship opportunities on feature pieces written in-house by our own editorial team. Email to find out more.

Supporting your content, we also offer several email marketing services such as e-shots and product newsletters should you wish to garner a significantly larger response to your advert. Discuss further with our team on 01827 301188.

Social media and our sister publications have a very strong social media presence, with around 22,000 followers on twitter across all of our accounts. If you choose to be featured on hamag, there is also the additional option of us sharing your content on twitter in order to gain further exposure and help drive more traffic to your article AND your twitter account.

What we need from you

Technical specifications

As a guideline, our standard ad sizes are as follows:

Full skyscraper: 264 x 828 pixels
Half skyscraper: 264 x 416 pixels
Button: 264 x 300 pixels

(Please note: we may be able to amend these sizes a little to better suit your needs. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss further.)

Please ensure that all images to be used in the ads are supplied in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

Ad tracking

All of our advertisements are tracked using internal tracking plugins inbuilt to our site. We can provide statistics and screenshots of our stats in order to prove advert response rates however, many companies understandably also choose to track responses themselves using their own software.

Please be aware that due to recent changes in basic Google referral analytics, the only way to do this with any degree of accuracy is to:

  1. Create a unique landing page on your site for traffic from
  2. Set up a tracking code on the link from the advert to your site that which your website analytics software records

In order for you to track clickthroughs at your end, we strongly recommend that you supply us with UTM tracking code and set up a unique landing page to ensure your stats are comparable with ours.

  • Read more about UTM and set up unique tracking URL here.

  • Contact us here if you have any further questions.

  • Download our media pack here.

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