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Visitors to the home of British manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire in Doncaster are taken off the M18 past a roundabout, flower-filled courtesy of the company’s sponsorship. And its commitment to the community doesn’t stop there - every year Pegler support Teen Tech, an event which encourages school children from around the town to discuss and experience science and engineering with local businesses.

Every stage in the manufacture of Pegler’s Terrier TRV is undertaken at these Doncaster premises, from the initial delivery of the solid brass bars (over 6,000 tonnes a year) to the finished products’ packaging for retailers and end-users.
The expansive premises are also home to a training school and showroom, offering a stage for their latest products, and art installation-style exhibits of valves, pipes, and fittings displayed in a way that would be at home in the Tate Modern!
This cutting-edge contemporary workplace is juxtaposed with its traditional engineering roots, illustrated dramatically by the tall brick chimney, dating from its establishment in the 1890s (when it traded as Pegler Ltd and Yorkshire Fittings Ltd).
It’s not just the plumbing, heating and engineering products that are made at these premises. Each component is designed and made in-house, as are the production moulding casts themselves - this means that prototypes can be envisioned with ease, any modifications and replacements can be actioned immediately, and if required, new casts made to avoid production line hold-ups.
Major investment has been recently made into the site, with £15m spent on manufacturing and plating facilities, and an EN215 test rig set up.
And Pegler Yorkshire are not easily shaken - they have a full and established disaster recovery continuity plan, which was put to the test following a devastating fire in 2003 at the chrome plating facilities - and not a single order was delivered late!
Pegler Yorkshire is totally committed to quality and prides itself on being one of the first manufacturers in the UK to gain BS5750 certification for Quality Assurance, and has subsequently gained ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 Accreditation. Products are designed to meet and pass appropriate product specification and performance standards.
With an engineering heritage that goes back way before central heating was widely used, today’s product catalogue would bewilder its founders - but the craftsmanship, manufacturing prowess, and pride in its wares are as recognisable today as any in its history.

With over 20,000,000 Terrier Radiator Valves installed, it’s not surprising that Pegler Yorkshire have the largest individual share, almost a third of the market, of TRV and MRV. In-house design and on-site production means a short ten-day manufacturing lead time, and with UK stock holding orders are fulfilled with no delays.

The new Terrier TRV launched this year is set to revolutionise domestic heat control. The design is such that it addresses the needs of Housing Associations from its performance and styling whilst supporting tenants needs practically.
The flawless slim profile alters the airflow to an Active Air Flow Vent System whereby the elongated open vents along the body are now enclosed in favour of open vents on top; tests have shown that this provides a much more efficient flow of air because of the focused air chamber. In addition, the body has been manufactured in a bright white colour with a larger easy grip and easy care surface finish. To accent the design a feature chrome trim has been added and to support the needs of a variety of tenants a clear colour temperature window which offers high contrast icons and intuitive colour coded settings.
Its operation has been radically altered to provide a more intuitive low friction mechanism which offers smooth turning making it easy for any dexterity.  The temperature settings have been designed to be more sensitive providing a ‘jump to’ setting operation ensuring tenants can be assured the valve is working to the exact setting they choose. In addition, the thermal head incorporates an ECO touch indicator which makes setting ‘3’ alignment simple just by touch ideal for those with visual impairments.
Arguably the most radical change of the new Terrier is its performance.  Enhanced by a pure copper element the performance provides a faster response to temperature changes. The Active Air Flow system draws room temperature air through discreet side vents up around the copper element.  The flow of warm air rises effortlessly through the unobscured and protected element and out through the vents on top. Technical tests have shown that the new Terrier provides even better accuracy for temperature settings with a 33% lower hysteresis.  Therefore, reaching comfort levels in a significantly reduced time when compared with other TRVs on the market.

Saving RSLs money:
• Terrier is the UK’s most specified TRV which is built to last!
• Terrier Radiator valves support long term planning in both new build and refurb  applications
• Help to minimise maintenance and call-out costs
• Long lasting and reputable solutions as a true cost of longevity

Easy to use:
• ECO touch indicator makes setting 3 alignment simple just by touch
• Terrier is designed to make temperature settingmore intuitive, ‘jump-to’ settings

Inclusive Design:
• The Terrier TRV is ideal for clients with limited strength or movement
• The low friction mechanism make the Terrier turns effortlessly making it easy for any dexterity
• Colour coding helps to select settings easily, whilst a dimple above the comfort setting assists users    with limited vision

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