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Juliet Woodcock looks at the latest innovations for wet room interiors.

Duty of care has always been part of any social housing provider’s responsibility; while the American culture of suing for the slightest mishap has, unfortunately, become all too common here in the UK.  It is perhaps, then, not surprising that RSLs are always on the lookout for new solutions to enhance residents’ safety – and what better than buying British too, so reducing one’s carbon footprint at the same time.

Triton, who's strapline is ‘The Great British Shower Company,’ has launched two showering solutions: both deliver a constantly regulated water temperature within +/-2°C, which shut off automatically if either the cold or hot water supply fails; thus reducing risk of scalding.

Triton’s Elina TMV2 Bar Mixer incorporates a low resistance paddle handle design with forward rotation controls to ensre the shower temperature can be easily adjusted, even using just one finger. In addition, the sleek ergonomic design prevents any dirt from collecting and ensures that the Elina TMV2 Bar Mixer is simple to clean, helping to maintain high standards of hygiene.

The Elina TMV2 Bar Mixer is also available with Triton’s grab riser rail which provides a load-bearing riser rail capable of supporting up to 150kg if intentionally or accidently grabbed. Additional features include an extra long riser rail and hose to allow for comfortable showering whether standing or seated. This package is also supplied with a supplementary low-level shower head holder.

Triton’s new EXE Bar Mixer shower, meanwhile, is available with one of two handle design options. The EXE Standard Handle is smooth to turn, whilst the contemporary design will fit well with most existing bathroom designs. Alternatively the EXE Lever Handle is suitable for all applications and user abilities. The extended paddle design gives added ease of use and is simple to operate with one finger, providing an inclusive showering environment for those who may require assistance with personal hygiene.

The EXE Bar Mixer is compatible with all domestic water systems and requires only 0.1 bar minimum supply pressure to operate making it an ideal choice for low and high pressure systems.  Another safety feature is a maximum temperature limiter with an override button, allowing users to confidently control the shower.

For added installation simplicity, Triton’s latest mixer shower boasts one screw riser rail brackets with adjustable fixings centres to ensure the unit is compatible with many existing riser rail fixings.

Another company that has been flourishing, Cembrit started out in 1937 as one of only four Welsh slate quarry agents in the UK. Using these skills built up over the years, Cembrit now offers a wide range of fibre cement slates, corrugated sheets, and cladding and building board panels, as well as natural slates. 

Its latest offering is a baseboard, designed for use with insulated render systems and as a tile backer, which takes it into the bathroom environment.

With the application of liquid renders, specifiers can create façades combining a monolithic appearance with all the advantages of rainscreen claddings.  Cembrit PB, although an ideal render-backer, is also an excellent tile backer board for internal wet areas underneath ceramic tiles.
The cement based board boasts low water absorbency and is dimensionally stable: it does not expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, nor will it swell or shrink due to changes in moisture.  Cembrit PB’s especially developed reinforced, chamfered edges mean the board can be fixed close to their edges. This maximizes stability at the butt joints, further reducing the risk of the render or grout cracking along the joints.

We might well worry about the skills shortage we are facing in the UK, but it is heartening to read that British companies such as Triton and Cembrit can still be innovative in finding safe, fit for purpose solutions for 21st century living.

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