Another missed opportunity to get us building more

// HA News

Melanie Rees, CIH's head of policy, said the balance of housing funding needs to be addressed after last week's uneventful Spring statement for housing.

Melanie Rees, head of policy at the Chartered Institute of Housing, said "This is another missed opportunity to get us closer to building the homes that we need.

"In his statement the chancellor said that the government’s focus on reducing the national debt is to give the next generation a chance, but unless we quickly start to build more of the right homes in the right places then the next generation will have absolutely no chance of getting access to a home that they can afford.

"There are measures that could be taken now to address this critical situation that would not require additional borrowing, including redressing the imbalance in the current housing budget.

"At present just 21% of funding earmarked for housing until 2021 will directly fund affordable housing. This simply does not reflect the balance of housing need across the country and the government must seriously address this imbalance if it is to meet its ambition to solve the housing crisis."

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