British Gypsum supports SME builders leading new housing charge

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“Some of the most exciting and high quality homes being constructed at the moment are coming from SME builders,” says Sarah White, Residential Sector Manager at British Gypsum.

“The recent release of the Housing White Paper, launch of the government’s Accelerated Construction programme and the housing minister’s comments that Britain is “too dependent” on large developers has given SME builders a real boost and it’s an opportunity they’re taking full advantage of.

“As Conservative MP Oliver Colvile highlighted recently, there is a genuine need for more housing but speed of delivery needs to balance with quality.1 In our work with several small to medium size housebuilders, we’ve noticed that this is exactly where they are excelling, demonstrating a real desire to invest in higher specification products and delivering real living benefits to home buyers.

“With large plots of government land being subdivided and the government committing to go into joint ventures with SME builders as part of the Accelerated Construction programme, opportunities for SME builders are only set to increase and we at British Gypsum are excited to partner with them as they build the next generation of homes.”

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