CIH Cymru calls for more investment in social housing

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Following recent figures that show an encouraging increase in new house building in Wales, CIH Cymru is calling on Welsh Government to continue its support for developing social and affordable housing.

Winner of the development of the year at Welsh Housing Awards 2014Welsh Government’s ongoing investment in social housing grant has seen completions in the social sector rise to 837, an increase of a quarter and the highest level of social completions in this term of government.

Across the board the statistics show that the number of new dwellings started in Wales has increased over the last three years, including a significant increase in 2014-15 of 20% on the previous year. Completions have also increased over the last two years with 6,170 new dwellings completed in Wales in 2014-15. This is, however, less than half the number of homes that the Holmans Report states Wales needs to build annually.

Julie Nicholas, policy and public affairs manager at Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru, said “Welsh Government continues to support the development of new social and affordable housing and that is great news for Wales. Initiatives like the new housing finance grant and continued investment through social housing grant are to be commended and support the Welsh one-housing system approach; this is clearly having an impact from the figures we see today, but it’s still not enough.”

“Wales needs to build 15,000 homes per year if we’re to stand a chance of ending the housing crisis within a generation. We’re calling on Welsh Government to continue to demonstrate their understanding that housing is critical infrastructure.”

“Tackling the housing crisis and investing in national infrastructure are the same thing. We must end the housing crisis and fundamentally that boils down to building more homes. These figures, and the work Welsh Government is doing with the housing community, represent a good start.”

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