Green deal? No deal for insulation as cuts are made

// HA News

As part of a swathe of cuts by the Conservatives, the flagship Green Deal scheme that successfully helped insulate homes across the country will come to an end as government cut funding - effectively killing the scheme.

Although once described by the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change as “the biggest home improvement programme since the second world war,” the government have today announced that they are abruptly ending further funding to their flagship scheme to make UK homes energy efficient due low take up, despite each release of funding becoming accounted for within 24hrs.

The government also removed the financial incentive for homeowners to strive for efficiency by ending the ‘Green Deal Home Improvement Fund’ which offered household’s cash back if they installed measures such as a new boiler or cavity and solid wall insulation.

The Energy and Climate Secretary, Amber Rudd said “We are on the side of hardworking families and businesses – which is why we cannot continue to fund the green deal.”

Today’s announcement brings the Conservatives’ commitment to improving the environment, after ending of onshore windfarm subsidies and making a U-turn on ‘zero carbon home’ regulations.

Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council, Julie Hirigoyen expressed her concern with this disregard for the environment, saying “With each passing day, this government puts an end to another green policy. The government’s strategy on dealing with high energy bills through home energy efficiency is now dead in the water.”

Greenpeace UK head of energy, Daisy Sands added “The green deal was far from being a success, but coming right after the scrapping of the zero-carbon homes target, this latest move suggests ministers are giving up on efficiency. This would be a false economy. Fixing our heat-leaking homes is a triple-win policy that can bring down bills, cut carbon emissions, and reduce our dependence on energy imports.”

The government currently has no replacement scheme in the pipeline to pick up on the good work already undertaken by the Green Deal, instead vaguely claiming that they would work with the building industry and consumer groups on energy efficiency policy.

The mood across the industry currently appears to echo real concerns that the conservatives currently have little-to-no interest in conserving energy or for the conservation of our air quality, evident from which schemes they have been choosing to penalise and destroy.

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