Homes should be seen as national infrastructure

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Housing is infrastructure, according to the findings of CIH Cymru’s annual Welsh Housing Review, published today.

To maximise the benefits of national investment, housing should be understood as critical to any economic analysis, in addition to its established role as a force for social justice and tackling poverty.

New infrastructure programmes, such as the proposals for ‘energy island’ in Anglesey and the new metro for the South Wales city region, aim to generate new jobs and address economic decline; and the people who will be moving to, and working in, these emerging industries will need affordable homes to live in.

Julie Nicholas, editor of the review and CIH Cymru policy and public affairs manager said “We have been undersupplying new homes for many years in Wales, and it is vital to begin building more new homes at the same time that we are beginning these huge projects; the next Welsh Government must take the lead in marrying the two together.”

This year the review takes a closer look at the exciting infrastructure projects on the Welsh horizon, and considers what the implications might be for housing and the next Welsh Government.

The review also gives an annual summary of new and forthcoming Welsh legislation, analysis of demographic and statistical trends, and opinions from writers on topics including the Human Rights Act and new local authority duties, including the first statutory homelessness prevention service in the UK.

The review also contains 300 references to reports, laws, research and articles, many of them specific to Wales, evidencing how much of an impact devolution is making to Welsh housing policy and practice.

Download the report here.

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