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The first Register of MPs' Interests of Parliament was released earlier this year, illustrating that 1 in 5 MPs (126 in total) are actually residential landlords. Will this create a bias when it comes to the great housing debate?

Outside of parliament only 1 in 33 of us are landlords, meaning that landlords only make up 3% of the population - yet they are represented by 19% of the House of Commons. The published register also showed that a further 10 MPs let out commercial land and property, and a further 88 of them own a second home that isn’t available for rent.

‘Generation Rent,’ who campaign for private renters who want professionally managed, secure, decent and affordable privately rented homes, have raised concerns over whether this high volume of vested interest within parliament could serve to skew housing debates in favour of the private rented sector.

Policy and Communications Manager at Generation Rent, Dan Wilson Craw said in a recent blog post: “What worries us about this the most is that even if those landlord MPs' hearts are in the right place - they all probably treat their tenants well (right?) - that could easily give them a rose-tinted outlook on the private rented sector. "Because I'm a great landlord," they might tell themselves, "there's no need to reform the system." And that will distort the debate.”

Is your MP a landlord? There is a 1 in 5 chance! Find out by Clicking here to see Generation Rent’s compiled list.

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