Pegler Yorkshire offer free CPD training and online modules

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Pegler Yorkshire are offering a host of valuable CPD courses - all free to attend - that offer a multitude of benefits and expertise to professionals working within the construction industry. Please see below for a comprehensive list of courses on offer to anybody looking to brush up on their industry knowlege.

Antimicrobial Copper Taps CPD – Training Provided on Site

Approximately 300,000 healthcare associated infection’s occur in England per annum, accounting for 5000 deaths.

In the past few decades research has been carried out on the antimicrobial properties of copper and its alloys against a range of microorganisms.  Copper has proven to destroy microbes rather than merely prevent their growth.  Results show that bacteria survive on stainless steel for days but are eliminated on copper in short spaces of time.  Therefore using copper products in place of conventional products in healthcare environments can offer significant reductions in infection rates.

This CPD course investigates the benefits of antimicrobial copper and the practical application to healthcare taps and mixers.

Commercial Buildings hydraulic system CPD - Training Provided on Site

This CIBSE CPD is designed to understand Commercial Buildings hydraulic system and how balancing and optimisation can support the HEVAC efficiency of such buildings.

We also provide an understanding on how balanced systems are constructed to achieve an efficient flow rate all around the system. We also look at product types and the different option that will deliver solution to application problems.

This CPD also provides an appreciation on how static commissioning valves are installed and used to achieve the optimum distribution of water. We also provide a clear understanding on how to use Flow charts from a fixed orifice valve “flow measurement device”.

Dynamic Hydronic Balancing solution CPD - Training Provided On Site

This CIBSE seminar is provided by Pegler Yorkshire “a highly commended CIBSE CPD developer”, The Dynamic Hydronic Balancing solution seminar provides an overview of system balancing technology, with great focus on the rapidly growing Dynamic balancing application. The seminar delivers the basics from understanding terminology to the more advance explaining units of measure, equations and how a (PICV) pressure independent reducing valves work in application. The seminar will discuss typical products and associated tools you may find to support contractors and consultants alike …..Supporting the delivery of building objectives

Heat Distribution Metering & Control CPD - Training Provided On Site

Heat Overview focusing on heating distribution network and the benefits over traditional combi or condensing boiler installations in multi occupancy dwellings.  Reviewing the delivery of centralised approach and defining the factors that have influenced the growth of this technology.

An Introduction to the terminology of heat interface units, systems and applications detailing how HIU facilitate heating and hot water into apartments. Exploring how HIU function in relation to heat metering and data extraction systems.

In addition to supporting the need for building performance and efficiency further technologies including different types of thermostatic radiator controls or commissioning valves are considered.

Safe & Efficient Water Systems CPD - Training Provided On Site

This CPD gives you an introduction to the following:

  • Corporate introduction
  • Water efficiency scarcity and usage
  • Introduction to Part G – Section 2
  • Home Quality Mark (HQM)
  • The water calculator
  • Hot water safety
  • Introduction to Part G – Section 3
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV’s)
  • Pegler Yorkshire products

Online Training Modules

Taps and Mixers Training Module - Click here

This module will give you an understanding of the following:

  • Factors that influence the selection of taps and mixers
  • Awareness of pressure, flow and the influence of the various UK Plumbing systems on performance
  • Importance of Water Regulations and have a basic knowledge of their relevance to tap and mixer selection
  • Understanding more about how different taps and mixers work
  • Understanding more about what tap and mixer options there are for both domestic and commercial applications

Heating Training Module - Click here

This module will give you an understanding of the following:

  • Component parts of a central heating system and its controls
  • Know more about how these components work both electrically and mechanically
  • Understanding how they work together to deliver space heating and hot water in a domestic context in an efficient and easy way
  • Be more familiar with Pegler Yorkshire’s range of heating and heating control products

Fittings Training Module - Click here

This module will give you an understanding of the following:

  • How transport fluids operate
  • Products for Hot/Cold water
  • Products for Gas/ Steam
  • Push-Fit Fittings
  • Press-Fit Fitting
  • Heat-Based Fittings
  • Compression Fittings
  • Product Locator

Commissioning Training Modules - Click here

This module will give you an understanding of the following:

  • Commissioning Valves and how important they are in buildings that have heating or cooling requirements
  • What a balancing system is and how they are constructed to achieve an efficient flow rate around the system
  • Awareness of the available product types
  • How applications of the static commissioning valves are used to achieve optimum distribution of water
  • The ability to understand flow charts from orifice type flow measurements
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