Scotland needs 12,000+ new affordable homes annually, says Labour

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Labour’s housing spokesman, Ken Macintosh has said that Scotland requires at least 12,000 affordable new homes built each year if Scotland are to curb the housing crisis.

Mr Macintosh said at a conference that “Housebuilding in Scotland is at its lowest level since 1947, families starting out can’t begin to afford a home of their own, thousands of them are waiting for a council or housing association property that simply isn’t there.”

Regarding recent research by the housing charity Shelter, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), which suggested that 12,000 affordable new homes each year need to be built, the MSP said that 12,000 new homes “shouldn’t be the target, that should be our baseline. And 10% of these homes should be fully accessible to all.”

“Scotland’s housing crisis affects every age group, from the young who have no chance of getting a home of their own, to the old living alone in cold, damp, unsuitable accommodation,” said Ken

“These are anxious times for the people of Scotland, tens of thousands of Scots can’t afford or find a decent home, they’re in accommodation that doesn’t meet their needs, they’re struggling to pay their bills.”

Former auditor general for Scotland, Robert Black lead a commission that looked at problems within the housing sector. He commented: “The commission quickly came to the view that for many people living in our country we should indeed be talking about a housing crisis, there is a housing crisis for very large numbers in the Scottish community.”

“There are over 150,000 households on waiting lists, 940,000 households in fuel poverty, some 76,000 are overcrowded, and over 28,000 households are assessed as homeless and nearly half of all our social housing still falls short of the minimum housing standard.”

“What’s more, the average house price now costs five times the average income paid, and that is putting owner-occupation beyond the reach of many people in Scotland, especially young families.”

“Much more needs to be done to ensure everyone in Scotland has a decent place they can call their home.”

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