UK tradesmen shortfall could inflame housing shortage

// HA News

Matt Pullen, head of AkzoNobel in the United Kingdom, (the company which owns the Dulux paint brand), has stated that the skills crisis in Britain could serve to exacerbate the current housing shortage.

In a bid to help ease the widening skills gap, AkzoNobel has opened a new academy in Slough where they will train between 3 and 4,000 people a year as tradesmen to work within the painting and decorating industry.

Recent studies suggest that we are currently short of 33,000 required tradesmen in London and the south-east alone, while over 65% of building firms claim they have turned down work due to lack of personnel.

Pullen said “Demand is developing and supply is constrained. It is a bit of crunch. This could lead to a scenario exactly where homebuilding slows down because you do not have the tradesmen to fill the developing.”

The warning was given at a briefing in London where the chief executive of AkzoNobel, Ton Büchner spoke against a Brexit. Büchner announced “From a business perspective we would have a desire for the UK to stay inside. From a personal opinion, I would much rather have the UK actually help to improve the EU from within rather than commenting from the sidelines.”

“A country that has that level of relevance in a geographical area like Europe should be in [the EU] from where we stand.”

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