Aluminium - The trusted building material that offers future proof capability

// the building envelope

Aluminium is constantly evolving with design. Developments in 3D modelling and extrusion now mean that aluminium is the building material which literally pushes the envelope to the forefront of design.

86% of aluminium used in the old Wembley stadium was recycled and reclaimed.  The lifespan of aluminium, if properly maintained, can be indefinite; the top of the Empire State Building was one of the first examples of anodised aluminium and is still a gleaming, eye catching feature today.

Large glazed screens, canopies, windows and focal entrance points can be achieved through installing and integrating aluminium. The envelope can be expanded with roof glazing to incorporate pitched, barrelled or pyramid vaults. Aluminium has high strength to weight ratios so large glazed spans and multi-storey applications can be achieved with slim sight-lines.

Panels and glass also offer an amazing area of options. Glass can be mirrored or tinted to suit the envelope, whereas panels can provide solid colour or a mirrored glass effect.

Aluminium is functional and can withstand the rigours of the British weather, testing to CWCT standards to Sequence B takes the design safety test up to 3600Pa.

Aluminium is robust and is ideal for high traffic applications, such as retail, school or hospital.  If one considers entrance doors, available in configurations such as swing, sliding, sliding/folding, the robust profiles ensure longevity even with endless open and closing cycles.

Windows offer a myriad of options for providing ventilation without jeopardising security.  In multi-storey applications, configurations such as top-swing reversible or pivo can fully reverse the external surface to allow cleaning from the inside.

In essence aluminium is the building material that has developed to provide function, form and solutions for even the most demanding projects.  Systems Houses, such as Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, continually develop and refine their profile catalogues to meet the demands of cutting edge designers, providing support and calculation at any stage of the tender process.

Now with improvements in glass, systems can utilise thermal foam and increased thermal break technology to take performance to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6. Aluminium is a true “cradle-to-cradle” material with a real end of life value as it has one of the most development recycling schemes in existence.

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