Avoiding the pitfalls of social re-roofing

// the building envelope

As social landlords housing stock becomes ever older, the costs of maintenance increase and larger elements of the buildings core fabric need replacing, such as the roof.

The addition of the new Vauban, Actua and Modula to the Sandtoft New Generation range; offers social housing landlords some unique opportunities when refurbishing and replacing roofs that help minimise the costs and risks.

The New Generation clay tiles are ideal for housing re-roofing schemes; being clay and single lap products, they offer the opportunity to replace like-for-like old clay tiles and, in the case of Vauban, enable existing plain tiles to be replaced with a much lighter roof covering.

Using Vauban will give a 30% weight saving on the roof, whilst at the same time retaining that clay plain tile look. Vauban also saves on labour time and costs, being only 21.8 tiles per square metre, compared with 60 traditional plain tiles. There are even bigger savings to be made on the battening of the roof, with only 2.7metres of battens per square metre, compared with plain tiles that require 8.8 metres of battens per square metre. In addition, because Vauban can be used down to roof pitches as low as 22.5 degrees (much lower than traditional plain tiles), it is ideal for re-roofing schemes where new extensions are being added to existing dwellings.

All of the new products are ideal for use on old roofs, having plenty of adjustment between tiles means they can easily cope with the unavoidable undulations often present on old roof timbers, making the installation easier and therefore less labour intensive and providing a better visible finish to the roof.
Clearly the new range is available with complete roofing system that meets NHBC guidelines and British Standards; for example, plastic or clay dry verge systems, ventilated dry ridge and hip systems, as well as all the usual eaves and tile ventilation products.

As well as offering great, durable clay roof tiles and associated systems, Wienerberger can also provide a comprehensive specification design service; RoofSpec. We will design the new roof system to suit your building, whether it is an existing building or new-build, with the appropriate ventilation system to suit either a normal or well-sealed ceiling construction, with warm or cold roof constructions. RoofSpec means that we guarantee our roof design and the products used within that design, for a period of not less than 15 years. In addition, we operate a 30 year product replacement policy and have a stated life expectancy for all our clay and concrete roof tiles of not less than 60 years.

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