Building structures are under attack from Rain and Sun

// the building envelope

Bricks and mortar are like moisture reservoirs that fill during a rain event – they wick water into themselves because they are porous. Properly built brickwork will give many years of trouble free service, but add an extension or conservatory onto an exterior wall and there could be trouble ahead.

THE PROBLEM is both rain and sun together can exacerbate the excessive moisture in walls and cavities. Wind driven rain will track by capillary suction into dryer areas of brickwork. Solar radiation heats saturated brickwork and will drive moisture vapour inward as well as outwards. A higher vapour pressure and temperature diff erential forms between the cavity and cool interior, drawing in the moisture vapour, which will then condense into liquid and present as damp spots within the existing building or building extension interior.

THE SOLUTION is to apply ProShield XT water repellent masonry cream to the exterior masonry walls. It’s quick and easy to apply and being water based, is environmentally friendly, with no VOCs.
It does not seal the masonry structure but penetrates deeply, to provide breathable, invisible protection from damaging water ingress - maintaining masonry appearance whilst reducing the risk of penetrating water damp and mould within the structures interior.

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