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The government’s pledge to build 400,000 new affordable homes  by 2020 is set to see construction levels continue.

At Bracknell Roofing, we focus on delivering the highest levels of customer service and quality workmanship for all customers. We have worked in partnership with housing associations for many years to help balance the varying challenges of building new homes, maintaining existing premises and minimising impact to tenants on site, all against limited budgets with a need to demonstrate return on investment.

An example of this in practice was our work with Vale of Glamorgan Council Decent Homes’ properties in South Wales. We were initially commissioned to replace roof coverings, roofline, insulation and guttering on around 50 homes, however, following successful completion of initial phases, a large number of additional properties were included on to our schedule.

Birkdale fibre cement slates from Marley Eternit were specified. The fibre cement slates were considered a visual match to the original natural Welsh slate, which was used on the 1940s buildings, before being replaced with concrete tiles in the 80s – indicating both had a lifespan of less than 40 years.

Birkdale slates were specified as they carry a minimum 60 year life expectancy. Fitting them required stripping the roofs back to the basic structure and upgrading to fibre cement slates, although this meant more work and materials, the vast life cost savings will give better value for money.

In additional assessment, the existing concrete tiled roofs were found to have no provision for ventilation and so we installed a discreet over fascia ventilation system to ensure a flow of air into the roof space between the felt and the fascia board. Additional ventilation is then provided by a dry fix ventilated ridge. Dry fix was used on all aspects, in line with latest NHBC guidelines.

To replace the insulation, our team removed existing concrete tiles, battens, insulation, roofline and guttering to expose the basic roof structure. The new insulation was then added, followed by a breathable membrane, before the fibre cement slates were fixed to fully compliant 25x50mm factory-graded roofing battens in compliance with BS 5534.

The existing guttering and roofline was replaced with low maintenance PVC-U and all aspects of leading and flashings were carried out by us.

Several logistical challenges at the project, including proximity to a local primary school and local residents remaining in their properties, required careful coordination of delivery vehicles to avoid disruption, especially around school opening and closing times. A detailed schedule for Vale of Glamorgan Council was drawn up and liaison officers for the tenants arranged for by our team, whilst meeting the strict site requirements.

Following completion of the project, we coordinated removal and, where possible, separation of all end-of-life material from site, including the concrete roof tiles, insulation, guttering and roofline.

While we focus on the delivery on site, it is also crucial that housing associations can get the information, accreditation and certificates they need for taking on contractors. It is for this reason that we updated to give housing associations quick and easy access to all they need.

Working in partnership with a roofing contractor that can deliver high quality end-to-end service can ensure that whether it is new builds for local communities or improvements for current tenants that housing associations require, these needs can be met efficiently and with minimal impact
to residents.

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