CPD Seminar: Sustainable lightweight roofing solutions

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Metrotile has always backed its Lightweight Steel Roofing Systems with a high standard of customer service, whether experienced staff answering phone queries or other services, such as onsite training or ensuring our roofing systems are available via the National BIM Library. Another element of this comes in the form of our RIBA-approved CPD Seminar, ‘Sustainable Lightweight Roofing Solutions’.

The CPD module covers such topics as roofing problems/solutions, deterring vandalism (and vandal-proofing) or burglary and whole life cost in addition to debating other key discussions such as health & safety and of course, sustainability. The seminar is designed to cover the Being Safe, Climate and Designing & Building It sections of the RIBA Core Curriculum.

Metrotile roof systems are pressed in the highest quality, fully recyclable steel, offering tile profiles that are incredibly durable and secure, yet weight just one seventh of so-called ‘traditional’ comparable roofing materials. The low weight plays a large part in the sustainability of the product. For example, one seventh of the overall weight means just one seventh of transportation requirements are required to get the roof to site, meaning less lorries on the road and less pollution as a result, and subjects such as this are discussed in-depth during the seminar.

If you would like to book the Metrotile CPD for your organisation, please contact us via www.metrotile.co.uk.

Metrotile would also like to announce the appointment of David Padmore as regional manager for the North of England. Mr Padmore, who has worked in the roofing industry for the past 32 years, will be responsible for developing business opportunities in an area north of Stoke and the Humber and north to the border with Scotland.

For more information about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, visit www.metrotile.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @metrotileuk.

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