Datum Systems – Proud to achieve CE Certification on its Flat to Pitched Roof Conversion Systems

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Datum Systems Directors Tom Kelly and Dale Williams are proud to be the first in the flat to pitch market to ensure their “Elevate” and “Space Span” framing systems comply with the current regulations which came into effect on the 1st July 2014.

Both Directors appreciate the importance of providing both a product of exceptional quality and a service to match as critical factors in their success over the last few years in a very difficult market.
Commenting on the growth of the company Tom Kelly affirmed that a no nonsense approach was our ethos understanding what a client wants from the outset and assisting at every possible stage to ensure projects are assessed, designed and delivered with efficiency and value.

Quality Assured Independently

To further ensure the end user receives the best possible outcome, Datum are also members of the AWM Warranty scheme.  In addition to the decades of knowledge and experience that we can offer as a company the AWM Auditing scheme and warranty provides an independent level of reassurance as projects are progressing.  Through initial inspection of project drawings to regular on-site inspections, supported with feedback reports to the construction team. We as a company can ensure that our designs are followed and installed in accordance with current standards and good practice.

Commenting on membership, Dale Williams highlighted the magnificent benefit of the Warranty process providing a warranty that has real meaning rather than a box ticking exercise. We have spent considerable time and resource in gaining CE Certification and it is paramount that the same care we take in designing and supplying our products is mirrored in the care and diligence to install them.

Knowledge and experience shared benefits all

Datum Systems operate across all sectors of the construction market and in particular have a wealth of knowledge on refurbishment within Social housing, education and MOD. Free advice and guidance from feasibility and the huge range of short, medium and long term benefits of converting to a pitched roof. Guidance on the various types and suitability of roof coverings, enhancing thermal performance and saving energy and the introduction of PV panels into a new roof. Continued repair and patching of troublesome and failed flat roofs will only ever mask the inherent problem.  Converting the flat roof to a pitched roof will ensure long term benefit and reduce ongoing and unknown cost of repair year on year. Our experience and knowledge extends well beyond the supply of our own products and we try to ensure that every client receives this benefit.

A typical project such as the one shown below, three residential blocks managed by Forward housing in Birmingham, approximately 2500m2 was completed in 12 weeks with no disruption and provided a solution to ongoing tenant issues. Key to this project, in addition to the immediate cost savings, thermal and aesthetic improvement was the overall project cost. When compared to the cost of a good quality flat roof alternative, the over-roof solution was only marginally higher but its medium – long term life cycle costs far out reached any other option.

Datum want to ensure that everyone sees the benefit of completely taking away the issues with flat roofs. No matter how good the specification,  any flat roof left open to ever harsher elements of the UK weather will at some point fail or require repair. The sensible solution is to convert the roof to a pitched and do away with all the inconvenience and on-going costs.  Datum can offer assistance on feasibility, planning approval if required, approved installers, costs, time frames and a full technical service from the outset. We aim to resolve any issues at the earliest possible stage, to allow an informed decision to be reached on what is best for both client and tenants.

Having successfully grown the business we are now developing our range of products and services to ensure we offer the best possible value and benefit to our existing and future clients. 


For further information or guidance on projects please contact Tom Kelly or Dale Williams at tom.kelly@datum-systems.co.uk / dale.williams@datum-systems.co.uk  / www.datumsystems.co.uk

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