Expensive Door Entry?

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Why don’t forward thinking Housing Associations investigate reducing the high cost of installing old fashioned hard wired door entry systems?

Telguard provides these solutions by using GSM or telephone based intercoms. We have been doing this for 25 years and offer a range of high quality RELIABLE door entry systems that are made in the UK!

The installation of our systems is non invasive as the installation does not require access in to Any of the flats and can be installed in a matter of hours.

Telguard simply plugs in to a dedicated BT type phone socket and makes a local rate phone call to the resident when the flat number is pressed. The resident can answer the call on their own telephone or mobile phone and operate the door by pressing a digit on their phone.

The GSM version uses a mobile phone technology to call the resident , again on their own telephone or mobile. Residents who have a Cordless phone can answer the call from anywhere in their flat! How much more convenient than getting up to pick up a dedicated intercom handset that is fixed to the wall by the front door.

We can provide phone lines and SIM cards to provide a fixed monthly cost that can work out to be a few pounds per month for each resident.

Take a look at www.doorentry.co.uk and we are able to provide some costs. You will be surprised!

For more information please visit www.doorentry.co.uk or call 01306 710 120.

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