First billet from new Laminated Veneer Lumber plant

// the building envelope

After only one year of construction the first STEICO LVL leaves the press. The board consists of 7 layers of veneer, 21mm thick, 2.5m wide and 11m long. The plant was built by the Finnish specialists Raute at the existing STEICO site in Czarna Woda Poland.

The STEICO Group has at Czarna Woda produced the first Laminated Veneer Lumber panels from its newly built production facility. While STEICO LVL is available today in widths up to 1.25m with the new plant up to 2.5m width with thickness of 21 - 90mm and lengths up to 18m are produced.

The first panel left the press with a thickness of 21mm, a width of 2.5m and 11m length. The finishes that are available range from simple blanks to high precision profiling and sanding through to light coloured glues and sorted veneers for decorative applications. STEICO, the largest I joist manufacturer in Europe, will also use its own LVL for flange material in its joists, giving far more control of its cost base going forward and ensuring customers consistent quality and supply.

STEICO LVL laminated veneer lumber is one of the most resilient wood materials of all for use in modern timber construction or for industrial applications: STEICO LVL convinces by its strength, durability and dimensional stability. In multi-storey residential construction, for innovative dry constructionsystems or with selected veneers for decorative use - the applications are diverse.

As heavy-duty beams and columns, as well as exciting ceiling structures or for precision applications in the door and vehicle industries; STEICO LVL meets the highest standards. Consisting of several softwood veneer layers about 3mm thick and glued together. The natural imperfections within the wood are limited by the peeling process on the individual veneer and distributed in the production over the entire billet. The result is an almost homogeneous product with high strength.

In addition, STEICO LVL is kiln-dried and comes with only about 9% moisture content. This ensures that any distortion in the form of twisting and cracking when used properly are virtually eliminated.

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