Housing Association Roofing? Metrotile Has it Covered

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Metrotile’s lightweight steel roof systems weigh just a fraction - up to one seventh -  of comparable so-called ‘traditional’ roofing materials. This lends the system a versatility not present in heavier products - the ability to grace every type of roof, from the refurbished roofs of old properties to innovative, forward-thinking new designs such as factory-build modular properties.

This also means that Metrotile is suitable for the refurbishment of non-traditional homes (AKA ‘Prefabs’) that are included in the stock of Housing Associations and Local Authorities across the UK.

Keeping these properties in line with government standards - many originally designed as a temporary solution to last only a small number of years - can be a significant task yet with a Metrotile roof, improving security and aesthetics is an effective and swiftly installed solution.

It’s not just refurbishments that can cause headaches either. New housing is in constant demand and the factory-built modular home is becoming an increasingly popular solution. Once again, Metrotile is ideal, shaving tonnes from the overall weight  - invaluable for the transportation to site and the craning into place.

From modular properties such as those in Blackburn, to non-trade across the UK in locations including (but not limited to) Manchester, Wales, Cornwall, Cannock and the current installations in Bridgwater, Somerset - Metrotile has proven to be the best roofing option for your projects, matching stunning aesthetics with unsurpassed security and sustainability benefits.

From planning to installation and beyond, Metrotile will be by your side with the expertise of our highly experienced staff. We also support our customer service with a RIBA-approved CPD seminar, that can be booked for your organisation by contacting us. Metrotile will also be introducing new tile designs to the marketplace in 2016.

Every Metrotile roof comes with an industry-leading forty year guarantee. For more info visit www.metrotile.co.uk, where you can also see our brand new video installation guides or read the Metrotile Blog. We can also be followed on Twitter via @metrotileuk.

For more information about Metrotile Lightweight Roofing, visit www.metrotile.co.uk or follow us on Twitter via @metrotileuk

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