How ‘green’ is your roof? With Dryseal, you can achieve the best results….

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Extensive planting within cities is now widely recognised as a means of improving air quality. Therefore, green roofs contribute to the reduction of a number of polluting air particles and compounds not only through the plants themselves, but also by deposition in the growing medium itself. Plants reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce oxygen.

Green roofs reduce and delay run off during times of heavy and prolonged precipitation, a fact that can be significant in reducing localised flooding. A study in Germany showed that during a 10mm rainstorm, whilst 200 litres of rainwater fell on an 18m2 extensive green roof, only 15 litres actually passed from the roof to the ground.

Consequently, it is important to ensure that the waterproofing membrane does not have an adverse effect on the quality of water which is released from a green roof after rainfall. GRP as a material can be used with ‘grey’ water harvesting systems and potable water generally and does not exude any pollutants or chemicals.

We must not forget the significance of the waterproofing membrane in the overall environmental picture, as the method of manufacture, component chemicals and long-term environmental impact of the membrane itself can be as significant as the benefits of a bio-diverse ‘green’ roof.
At Hambleside Danelaw, we don’t need to indulge in wide-ranging and possibly fanciful claims; The following facts apply to Hambleside Danelaw Ltd in general and the Dryseal GRP waterproofing membrane.

• Two ‘Green Apple’ Awards in 2013/2014.
• A VIBES (Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland) Award in 2013.
• The lowest embodied carbon levels by kg of material vs a wide range of waterproofing membranes.
• BS EN ISO 14001 certified manufacturing processes using power from solar PV, community wind farm and hydro-electric sources.

Dryseal is robust, impact resistant, non-polluting and does not need a separate root barrier. In short, the perfect waterproofing membrane for a green roof.

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