“It’s concrete Jim, but not as you know it"

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Sandtoft announces the launch of a new market leading Thin Leading Edge roof tiling system.

Sandtoft, the roof brand of leading supplier of wall, roof and landscaping innovations, Wienerberger, has announced the launch of a brand new concrete tiling system. The Thin Leading Edge (TLE) system represents a serious challenge to the perception of concrete as heavy and unwieldy, delivering the thinnest and lightest concrete tile available on the market.

The large format tiles will be part of a full installation system that includes the membrane underneath the tiles, the dry fix mechanical solutions, ventilation and the ridge and hip fittings. The tiles are half the thickness of some alternative concrete tiles, while their lightweight nature has been designed to contribute to super-easy installation – all without any compromise on aesthetic appearance.

Richard Bishop, Category Marketing Manager for Roof at Wienerberger, commented: "The TLE is a massive step forward not just for Sandtoft, but for the whole industry. We know that concrete has a reputation for strength and solidity, but we believe it can also be nimble, adaptable and easy to work with on-site. TLE is the result of that determination to get the very best from the material."

He continued: "The reality is that no one else in the market is able to produce a concrete tiling system this thin, light or efficient; no one else in the market is able to offer builders a system that delivers the quality, value and simplicity that we can. With that in mind, we believe this launch is really going to be a benchmark product system – where we demonstrate exactly how committed we are to driving innovation for our customers. Safe to say, we’re really excited about this one!"

The TLE system comes with a 15 years ROOFSPEC® guarantee, is BES6001 certified to help builders comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes, and will have guaranteed supply availability.

For more information on Wienerberger please visit www.wienerberger.co.uk and follow @wienerbergeruk on Twitter.

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