Lead-free flashings

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Working with lead comes with health and safety risks. Lead is heavy, difficult to manhandle and exposure to it can cause major health risks. There is a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of those working on site.

Of course, these issues can be negated by minimising the use of lead products. Lead alternative products are prevalent on the market; they offer all the qualities of a lead product and look just like the harmful metal when on the roof, without any risk.

Hambleside Danelaw’s GRP flashing range offers a non-toxic, lightweight, and easy to work with solution. The GRP range carries no threat of ingestion, reassuring roofers that they are working with premium, safe products. Our GRP products are considerably lighter and easier to work with than manhandling heavy lead. They also offer reassurance for the contractor, that they will not find themselves covering sick pay and extra manpower overheads as roofers are off sick due to lead poisoning. 

The Hambleside Danelaw’s Dry Fix Valley Trough remains the market leading solution for a lead free valley. The original design more than 20 years ago offered roofers an alternative lightweight, non-toxic roofing product; a design that has remained unchanged to this day due to its success. Our market leading GRP mortarless dry fix inclined valley trough provides hidden water gulley’s at the roof valleys. These troughs create a close-cut appearance and do not require the need for any mortar, counter battens and special eaves closure pieces.

Our Dry Fix Valley Trough range is suitable for use with profiled tile roofs, flat and plain tile roofs and slate roofs. We also provide a stainless steel clip to support the left side of the valley where no support is available from the tile lock. This product is certified as Secured by Design, a police initiative created to design out crime, as lead is increasingly stolen for scrap. Furthermore, the product is BBA certified, and holds a 30 year guarantee, proving its premium qualities. For a healthy roof, use GRP, a lead alternative material.

For more information, visit www.hambleside-danelaw.co.uk.

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