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Windoor are excited to have just launched their new website.  The Company has grown significantly throughout the UK since their previous website was created, so it was not only ready for an upgrade in terms of design, but also in terms of the content and message we have to give.

John Baillie, Managing Director commented “We are market leader in this sector in the UK making us an authoritative voice in the concept and practicalities of balcony enclosures and our new website reflects that position.  The task was to provide very clear information about what we do in terms of our product and service offering; communicating that message not only to professionals but also to the end user; I think we have succeeded. 

There are now over 6,500 Windoor balconies installed in the UK so we have a large library of projects to choose from.  We have some amazing partnerships in the supply chain and being able to present stunning images is a great showcase both for Windoor and those partners we have worked alongside.  It also enables people to envisage how their own development may look with a Windoor balcony solution.”

Navigating around the site is very straightforward.  There is an area for professionals, which provides everything an Architect may need in terms of concept drawings, design details and specification requirements.  Contractors and Installers can also find relevant information regarding both installation and aftercare.  Housing Associations, Local Authorities, property owners & landlords also have their own area of specific information to assist in the decision making process.

Aesthetically it is light and airy, with a bright and refreshing feel, reflective of the core benefits of our system.  The projects area facilitates large impactful images throughout, providing inspiration and a representation of how our stylish system, across most sectors, has been used.  Projects include social housing, mixed use and extra care in both low rise and high rise developments, incorporating new build and refurbishment.  Geographically we span north to south of the UK and it is possible to search your own local area for projects.

For those who favour paper, brochures and printed documentation can be ordered directly from the site.  We think we have thought of everything, but if we haven’t, please let us know! 

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