Masonry Sills Problem Solver

// the building envelope

The Type U Undersill tray from Cavity Trays of Yeovil combines convenience with build consistency, and is available in numerous profiles to suit customer’s requirements.

The Type U Undersill tray is bedded in position prior to sill construction commencing and acts as integral formwork into which the sill materials are laid. Its projecting front has an upturned lip to align the sill masonry whilst stopends prevent end water discharge and integrate with reveal closers.
Once the sill has cured a grooved detachment line permits the front of the tray to be removed leaving just the sill projecting. The remainder of the tray remains insitu, acting as a damp course barrier so dampness is prevented from tracking inwardly.
Type U Undersill trays are available with an optional insulating thermal strip to minimise potential heat loss between tray and inner skin. Full details from the longest-established tray manufacturer, Cavity Trays of Yeovil.

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