Metrotile appoint Glenn Everest to lead training operations

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Lightweight steel roofing company Metrotile UK has announced the appointment of Glenn Everest to lead its training operations.

Glenn, who boasts more than 40 years’ experience in fitting lightweight steel roofing systems, will train roofers in the skills required to install Metrotile UK’s variety of products.

Glenn has been sporadically working with Metrotile as a freelance technical consultant since the company was set up by managing director John Cunningham in 2000.

John said: “Glenn’s been working with us for a while, helping out with technical enquiries and visiting sites, as well as installing our systems.

“It’s safe to say there’s no one like him, no one who knows more about installing lightweight steel roofing, either in the UK or probably even the world.

“So as more and more roofing companies choose to use our products – for the environmental, quality, security and cost benefits – Glenn’s spending so much time helping our customers that it makes sense to offer him a full-time position with us.

“I am delighted he has accepted the role and we are proud to have him as part of the team.”
Metrotile UK’s performance in the past two years has been stunning. Growth has largely come from new markets, as homeowners, architects, specifiers and contractors begin to demand more sustainable products.

Weighing approximately 15 per cent of the weight of the more traditional alternatives such as clay and concrete, Metrotile roofing products are also much cheaper to transport and also come with a 40-year guarantee.

The profiles require fewer supporting materials in the rest of the construction, with shallower foundations meaning that construction on locations such as brownfield sites, with potentially toxic subsoils, can cease to be a problem.

Glenn said: “These roofing systems are the norm in New Zealand and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be much more popular in the UK, too. Even the rain isn’t any noisier on these roofs than clay or slate!

“In general, using a lightweight steel roof has major impacts on the whole construction process, making it faster, safer, less expensive and more sustainable.

“The way things are going, it’s only a matter of time before Metrotile becomes much more widely-used around the UK so it’s exciting to be a full-time part of the team.”

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