Metrotile specified for Bridgwater project

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Somerset-based Housing Association Homes in Sedgemoor has once again specified Metrotile lightweight steel roofing and the subject for renovation this time was the flats at Canal View, located in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Canal View is a purposed-built block of flats, containing six homes and also a pair of shops at street level. The building has had copper sheet roofing since then and due to its age, it had began to deteriorate. This was enabling water penetration, which in turn caused damage to the strawboards underneath the sheeting before leaking into the homes of residents.

HiS began to weigh up their options for a new roof material in January 2018.

Nick Causer, Surveyor for Homes in Sedgemoor states; “HiS discussed various options for this, including concrete/clay tiles, corrugated roofing sheets and the Metrotile system. A decision was made, that due to the clean and distinct finish, the pitch of the roof and the cost benefits, HiS opted for the Metrotile system.”

The low weight of the Metrotile roofing system  - just one seventh of the weight of slate or clay roof tiles - ensured Homes in Sedgemoor a rapid installation of the roof at Canal View. Contractors Jones Building group and sub-contractors Davey Roofing -  no strangers to installing Metrotile roofing -  were able to re-roof the entire building and have the completion signed off in just four weeks during March and April.

The new Metrotile Bond roof - consisting of 640 bronze Metrotile Bond profiles offers a stunning improvement over the previous material in aesthetics, security, insulation and of course protection against the elements - Metrotile roofing is guaranteed weatherproof for forty years, offering extra peace of mind to Homes in Sedgemoor and the residents at Canal View.

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