Metrotile to display innovative roofing system at CIH Housing 2016

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Since the UK Metrotile office opened for business in 2000, Metrotile Lightweight Roofing has established itself as a public sector problem solver, finding a niche in non-traditional home refurbishments across the UK.

Originally developed as a short term solution to the post War housing crisis, non-traditional homes (also known as ‘pre-fabs’) were expected to provide temporary relief while buying time to build new, long-lasting properties. What nobody expected, however, was for these properties to far outstrip their projected lifespan. In 2016, non traditional properties are still in abundance across the country, including properties such as Cornish Units, BISFs and Hawksley Bungalows and many of these homes make up the portfolios of Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

The challenge with maintaining such properties comes from attaining Government housing standards.

Cornish Units, for example, may require a boost in insulation and security, but the fragile frame of each home can only safely take so much weight. This is where Metrotile’s roofing systems come in.

Metrotile weighs just one seventh of equivalent ‘traditional’ roofing materials such as clay or slate, yet each tile profile is pressed in the highest quality steel. This means for a fraction of the stress on the foundations and supporting structure, a Metrotile roof can offer unsurpassed security and strength, against not only vandalism but extreme weather also. This weather resistance is backed-up by such international stress-testing as freeze/thaw and cyclone testing in Japan and high-wind testing in California. The low weight also translates into other benefits, such as low transportation requirements (and therefore less pollution), ease of movement around site, and a fast installation. These benefits are wrapped in a traditional aesthetic, where a stone coating and acrylic glaze finish ensures a Metrotile roof blends elegantly with the natural surroundings.

Many Housing Associations have discovered the many benefits of Metrotile including Tai Calon, Westward Housing and WDH.

In June, Metrotile will be exhibiting at the CIH Housing 2016 show in Manchester for the first time, to give Housing Association and Local Authority specifiers the chance to discuss the many benefits of using The Future Proof Roof for their housing projects. Meet them at stand C48.

To find out more about Metrotile’s products and services, visit Follow Metrotile on Twitter via @metrotileuk.

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