New higher standards for affordable housing in Croydon

// the building envelope

As even higher performance standards are demanded in new housing developments, today, so innovative new materials and products are required to continue pushing the envelope.

The combination of low U values, high acoustic attenuation, solar control, minimal maintenance, Lifetime Homes, Security by Design, DDA compliance, long life and competitive pricing, have led to the selection of Uniform® timber/aluminium ‘composite’ windows for the Bedford House development of 99 mixed tenure flats in four to eight-storey blocks, in Croydon, for Affinity Sutton, by Higgins Construction.

The new building comprises 3 main elements. The main section fronts London Road and rises to six storeys - on Bensham Lane it steps down to 3 storeys to blend in with adjacent properties. The striking glass centre-piece is an 8 storey block at the junction of the two roads, creating a dramatic and elegant landmark for the town.

Residents can enjoy the Natural Oak™ internal finish, protected by the external aluminium sheath, which completely protects it from the weather, whilst the timber provides, inherently, excellent thermal and sound insulation, significantly higher than the current UK Building Regulations require – and without the need for triple glazing, although this is also available if even lower U values are required. 

All windows and doors in the uni_one® Standard™ range of tilt & turn composite windows are manufactured from engineered timber in a minimum of 3 laminations of slow-grown, close-grained pine for maximum stability, allowing close tolerance, interacting components for high quality, precision. Glass is structurally bonded to the timber in the sashes, like a car windscreen, giving added strength and stability and enabling larger sashes to be supplied, to meet this currently growing trend.
The widest range of optional finishes, both internally and externally, provide unsurpassed choice in a product type, not previously renowned for it in UK. 

Housing Associations are increasingly turning towards the uni_one® range of composite windows, as they find that they are more affordable than ever – and can meet their long term, low maintenance aspirations better than other, single material window systems, on the market.

For further information, samples, or to obtain a quotation, please visit, email or call 01275 217227.

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