ProShield: Water repelling masonry protection

// the building envelope

Planning authorities and construction professionals should be considering new procedures and technologies to help protect building structures from the damaging effects of extreme weather events.

Extreme rainfall events have become more frequent during the last 30 years in Britain. For all building structures, excessive moisture is the root cause of many mechanisms that can compromise mineral building materials.

The porous nature of brick and concrete soak up water via capillary suction, leading to discolouration, mold problems and at worst, failure of the substrate. Water penetrating in this way may also contain contaminants, adding to the damaging effects.

The walls of a building also account for a large proportion of the heat lost through its fabric, and there are pressures to design and adapt buildings to improve their thermal performance. However, increasing the thermal resistance of masonry and especially traditional solid walls can be problematic. Cladding systems and cavity wall insulation can sometimes create more building problems than they solve.

This is not just an aesthetic concern; changing balances between heat, air and moisture movement may also affect the interior of a building, affecting the health of its occupants with damp and mould issues. When walls also get wet through water penetration, they become less effective at keeping heat in. In cavity wall constructions, if the insulation gets wet, it loses much of its insulating qualities, which makes it ineffective.

ProShield XT is a water repellent masonry treatment that is quick and easy to apply. It provides breathable, invisible protection from damaging water ingress – maintaining, protecting and enhancing the building structure. ProShield XT also has the added advantage of increasing the thermal efficiency of treated homes - at a fraction of the cost of more elaborate solutions such as retrofitted SWI. ProShield XT is proven to reduce heat loss in solid masonry, with an energy saving in space heating of up to 25%.

Due to its unique cream, deep penetrating formulation, ProShield XT is resistant to UV light and other forms of degradation, resulting in surface protection for up to 25 years – one coat
is all that is needed.

Protect vital housing stock with ProShield XT masonry treatment.

  • UKAS independently tested to 25 years service with no loss of performance
  • Allows masonry to breathe
  • Conforms to BS EN 1504-2-2004
  • Hygrothermal tested according to ISO 15148:2002
  • Improves thermal efficiency
  • Easy to apply - One coat protection 
  • Eco-friendly water basedISO9001:2008 registered company

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