ProShield XT Water repelling masonry protection

// the building envelope

The clear masonry protection treatment – ProShield XT works at  the molecular level to actively impregnate and bond to mineral surfaces such as bricks, stone and concrete. By creating a strong but invisible protective surface, water is repelled, protecting against rain penetration, dirt, algae, pollution, oil and other surface contaminates with a ‘lotus effect’ self cleaning action. ProShield XT masonry protection treatment not only protects, but actively maintains original colour and look of building structures.

The walls of a building can account for a large proportion of the heat lost through its fabric, and there are pressures to design and adapt buildings to improve their thermal performance. The UK Government’s commitment to an 80% reduction by 2050 from 1990 levels means that efforts to improve the energy efficiency of our existing buildings are intensifying.

However, increasing the thermal resistance of masonry and especially traditional solid walls can be problematic. Cladding systems and cavity wall insulation can sometimes create more building problems than they solve. This is not just an aesthetic concern; changing balances between heat, air and moisture movement may also affect the integrity of a building, affecting the health of its occupants with damp and mould issues.

Saves energy – When walls get wet through water penetration, they become less effective at keeping heat in. As the UK climate is getting wetter, this is becoming a big problem. In cavity wall constructions, if the insulation gets wet, it loses much of its insulating qualities which makes it ineffective.

ProShield XT repels rain penetration and is specifically proven to reduce heat lioss in single skin masonry, with an energy saving in space heating of up to 20% - one single coat application is all that is needed.

Cream based system – Proshield XT cream lines the pores of the masonry to form a water-repellent matrix. Rather than blocking the pores and fissures the masonry is allowed to breathe whilst repelling water. Being a cream rather than an aquaeous solution enables more contact time with less wastage, allowing maximum penetration into the substrate. ProShield XT reduces masonry salt blooming (efflorescence) and minimizes the effects of frost damage or spalling.

Due to its unique formulation and deep penetration, ProShield XT is resistant to UV light and other forms of degradation, resulting in surface protection for up to 25 years between applications.

  • UKAS independently tested to 25 years service with no loss of performance
  • Self-cleaning, water-repellent
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw cycling
  • Allows masonry to breathe
  • Eco-friendly, water based and easy to apply
  • Prevents growth of moss, algae and lichens
  • Conforms to BS EN 1504-2-2004
  • Hygrothermal testing according to ISO 15148:2008
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