Shining a light on solar: Wienerberger launches new solar solutions

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  • Wienerberger’s new solar offering boasts a comprehensive solar solution to cover all installation types, along with an all new ‘Solar Made Simple’ website, to help with understanding the technology
  • Research shows a lack of understanding surrounding the technology, as people are unaware where to look for information, while preconceptions and myths around the technology are rife
  • Utilising solar solutions means Local Authorities have potential to monitor energy output, savings and CO2 reduction

Wienerberger, the UK’s leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations, has launched three new solar packages, providing a complete solar solution for all sustainable energy requirements. The full solution comprises of the PC1 model that utilises polycrystalline units for a cost-effective solar panel solution, and the MC1 and MC2 – both monocrystalline unit solutions, meaning Wienerberger is able to offer a solar solution to suit every requirement.

Despite recent news that solar power has hit new record highs in the UK, providing almost a quarter of the country's electricity at one point last month , research commissioned by Wienerberger as part of the development of the new offering has unveiled common misconceptions and myths surrounding solar technology, being addressed through the launch of its new ‘Solar Made Simple’ microsite. At its peak in early June, solar energy generated enough to power the equivalent of 3.8 million homes, a number that has the potential to be even greater, should Local Authorities embrace solar and provided people gain a better understanding of the technology.

By providing a managed solution, Wienerberger is able to handle not only the installation and setup of the solar fit, but also the management of the system. This all-encompassing service includes making sure the tenants are confident and happy with the new technology installed on their homes. This is of great importance for a large owner, such as a Local Authority, that will require a mass array of solar panels across all of their properties, and the ongoing support managing the system ensures that the panels are well maintained and benefits are simply communicated to all involved parties. The fully monitored system provides accurate real time reporting for all arrays owned by the LA in real time via an easy reporting tool.

Widespread confusion

The research revealed that the majority of people (92%) were unaware of where to look for information about solar panels, while preconceptions and myths around the technology are rife, resulting in widespread confusion. One in five people are under the impression that planning permission is required prior to installing panels, while a similar number of people believe that panels are only effective when a home’s garden is south facing.

Solar myths Percentage

Solar panels can’t be installed without planning permission 21%
You need a south-facing garden to install solar panels 17%
More than five panels are needed for them to work 10%
They only work in summer months 6%
They can’t be installed on terraced houses 4%

Understanding the benefits

One consideration for Local Authorities when it comes to making the most of solar is the potential to make money back as a result of feed in tariffs. In addition, Wienerberger’s solar offering is fully monitored, so by using remote Wi-Fi, Local Authorities can keep tabs on to kWh output, savings and CO2 reduction associated with the installed solar package, with performance issues detected immediately, should any arise.

Generational differences

When it comes to attitudes towards solar panels, it’s evident that there is a generational difference. When asked if solar panels are worth the monetary investment, almost half of people aged between 18 and 24 stated yes, whilst only a quarter of those aged over 55 responded positively. This was also the case when asked whether solar panels on a new home would affect their purchasing decision, with 35% of 18 to 24 year old buyers saying they’d be more likely to purchase a home if it had solar panels, compared to just 27% of those over 55. In addition, 18% of the older generation stated they’d be put off purchasing a home with solar power, as opposed to just 12% for the 18-24 age range.

Richard Bishop, Category Marketing Manager for Roof at Wienerberger, commented:
“We’re thrilled to be unveiling our all-new complete solar solution and in our PC1, MC1 and MC2 solar products, we’re now able to offer a total solar solution for the future of renewable energy in the UK, whatever your requirements are. When it comes to solar technology in the UK, we’ve discovered that there is a real lack of understanding, however we’re confident that our ‘Solar Made Simple’ microsite provides a great resource for Local Authorities. Our new solar panel solutions make embracing free, renewable energy as easy as possible due to the fact they’re designed by global leaders, installed by government-approved specialists, Wi-Fi monitored and cashback guaranteed to deliver a predetermined kWh output. ”

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