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Specialising exclusively in permeable resin bound paving, SureSet is an exciting alternative to traditional paving options. Together with their huge choice of colours and textures, SureSet provides unlimited design potential for architects, building contractors, developers, surveyors and housing managers.

What sets SureSet apart is its unique discipline of combining attractiveness and creativity with practicality and sustainability.

Working with developers and artists, the versatility of SureSet brings to life public areas within housing estates, just like Clay Farm housing development in Cambridge.

With a new community park offering extensive woodlands, a bird reserve and areas of wetland with balancing ponds for surface water collection, the park pathways had to match the impressive green credentials of Clay Farm - SureSet was specified for its permeable qualities and compatibility with SuDS.


SureSet’s 15-year guarantee against loose stone; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change; frost damage and workmanship, assures a smooth, accessible, durable, low maintenance surface. 


Manufactured in the UK, and cold mixed on site, during the laying process minute voids are created within SureSet which mimic natural drainage. These allow water to pass straight through, delivering a range of benefits including:


  • No puddles because water is returned to the natural water table
  • Reduces water run-off, flash flooding and water pollution caused by oils and heavy metals
  • Even when applied to a non-permeable base, the permeability of SureSet allows water to drain away, be harvested or discharged into drains or soak-aways.


SureSet installed an 875m² walkway of permeable resin bound paving for the new park. The colours of Sterling, Winter Frost, Charcoal and Norwegian Pearl from SureSet’s range of Natural Aggregates perfectly complement the natural environment of this development.


The vision of the development was to create inspirational environments for people of all ages to enjoy.

SureSet helped realised this vision by creating shapes within the pathway that encourage natural play and an interest in the natural environment of the park.

SureSet is also suitable for driveways; pool surrounds; tree pits; playgrounds; car parks and access roads and landscaping.

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