Swifix launch innovative fixings range for external wall insulation systems

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Swifix is delighted to announce the launch of its range of innovative fixings specifically designed and engineered for refitting and installing items through external and solid wall insulation systems.

Ideal for use at the same time the system is being installed or post installation, the fixings provide a cost effective and maintenance- free solution whilst, importantly, ensuring the integrity of the external wall insulation system.

Tested by the BRE for strength, compression and load, the fixings are manufactured from high quality recycled plastic and provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to enhance the newly installed external wall insulation.

With five basic fixings, the range can be used to install pretty much anything including satellite dishes, down pipes, washing lines, hanging baskets, hand rails, fence and gate posts, BT boxes and canopies, back through the EWI system. All products are manufactured in black and white as standard; however bespoke finishes are available to compliment the finished render.

Current standard practice relies on the use of timber for re-fixing external items back through the EWI/SWI system, which can contribute to cold spots and can disturb the continuous insulation characteristics. This could create performance issues for the system and also the longer term degradation of the timber within the EWI/SWI system would be a concern. The fixings ensure

The Swifix range ensures that your investment is protected providing long term peace of mind that the product will continue to perform as required and ensure that any system guarantees or warranties remain unaffected. It is therefore essential that any future requirements for fixing items through the insulation system are also installed correctly.  The range has gained approval and recommendation from the majority of the UK’s largest EWI system manufacturers and secured the backing of the National Insulation Association (NIA).

Fixings are available direct from SWIFIX Ltd and from various distributors and builders merchants throughout the UK. Swifix also provides full design and technical guidance to ensure the appropriate fixings are chosen to suit the application, as well as on-site support and product and installer training. 

For more information and to download our brochure go to www.swifix.co.uk.

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