The future is now – what you need to know about Wienerberger’s new AluGrip-Roll

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In October Wienerberger, the leading supplier of wall, roof and landscape solutions, launched its innovative AluGrip-Roll, a ridge roll that’s set to revolutionise the roofing industry. This month we caught up with Richard Bishop, Category Marketing Manager for Roof at Wienerberger, who told us more about this groundbreaking product.

“Following months of innovation we were delighted to launch AluGrip-Roll, a unique product that offers an immense improvement on the standard cloth ridge rolls currently used by roofers in the UK. The product offers a wide range of benefits for the industry making cloth ridge rolls old news!

“The leading factor in AluGrip-Roll’s development has been the use of aluminium. Where cloth ridge rolls would historically flap around in the wind, the AluGrip-Roll is easier to lay and keeps its shape – this will make life much easier for the UK’s roofers. With just a few nails, the roll can be fixed into place along the hip or ridge line – once in place, the roofer can then retrace their steps moulding the affixed roll into place by hand. What’s more, although it has been developed exclusively by Wienerberger, it is compatible with any roof tiles, not just those from our expansive Sandtoft range. It really is a very important development in the advancement of roofing products.

“The choice of aluminium over cloth also means the ventilation holes in the centre of the roll can be formed in a varying number of ways, leading to greater airflow and better protection from water ingress – a function previously unavailable to roofers. This in turn leads to a different conversation regarding a technique used by some roofers with the old cloth system to bunch the cloth in the ridge void to provide slack for deeper profile tiles. With the AluGrip-Roll there is no need to do this, roofers can simply press the roll into the profile and it will form along the roll of the tile. This will improve the roof’s ventilation as there is no cloth acting as a barrier and greater space is provided for the effective flow of air.

“It’s at this point that we must address the bonding agent. This tertiary benefit becomes apparent as the AluGrip Extreme bonding agent is the first in the market to give a 30 year bond, much greater than the normal 10 year bond afforded by cloth ridge rolls, this means the roll will keep working for much longer than any alternatives. The modernisation and development behind AluGrip-Roll demonstrate Wienerberger’s commitment to industry leading innovation.

“In addition to the already mentioned considerable list of benefits, AluGrip-Roll will also offer financial benefits to those using it. The improved roll has replaced the cloth ridge rolls found in the Sandtoft Multiversal Kit without impacting on the price – it’s a far superior product available for exactly the same price.”

“In short, we are delighted with AluGrip-Roll as it clearly showcases Wienerberger’s commitment to innovation and product development. This new-to-the-market and completely unique system is a vast improvement on standard cloth ridge rolls. In a nutshell, roofers will have all the benefits of quicker and easier installation and durability without having to worry about any cost increases.”

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