Tilcor: Truly Striking Lightweight Roofing Tiles

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Achieving an attractive roof is no easy feat when it comes to refurbishment or even new build, but is of significant importance for all involved.
With considerations such as cost, ease and speed of installation, building structure and ensuring aesthetics are in keeping with the neighbourhood, there are numerous variables to take into account. No one wants a roof which is a sight for sore eyes; either pre or post refurbishment. 

The BRE estimate that there are over ½ million non-traditional homes within the UK. Built as a quick solution to housing shortages post World War 1 and 2, their projected lifespan has been outlived numerous times over. Predominantly owned by social landlords, they often benefit from cyclical maintenance plans to keep their standards in line with Government requirements.  The up-keep of these plans can prevent costly and unforeseen issues in the future.
Due to the build of many of these homes, certain materials must be sourced for projects; including any roof refurbishments. The structure and foundations are unable to support any significant weight, and so a lightweight solution must be sought.
Juggling strict Government guidelines, whilst sourcing a versatile product which meets demanding needs, whilst not comprising on quality, is an ever-present challenge facing social landlords today. If aesthetics, ease and speed of installation and building construction restraints are of significant importance, then RCM present the Tilcor tile as a solution to meet your needs.

Tilcor Roofing Tiles - The UK’s Most Durable Lightweight Roofing System

RCM Ltd has recently launched a premium range of LABC approved premium roofing tiles suitable for the lightweight roofing market including park homes, BISF houses, social housing refurbishments and conservatories.
Exclusive in the UK to RCM Ltd, Tilcor tiles are manufactured in New Zealand using only the very best raw materials allowing Tilcor’s products to be a leader in the industry. Their pressed metal roofing tile systems incorporate the advantages of steel, come with 50-year pro rata warranty and deliver unique strength and resilience.
Fabricated from Zincalume® protected steel, Tilcor’s textured finish provides added protection by embedding natural stone granules in an acrylic base-coat. This extremely durable UV-resistant coating enables Tilcor’s products to withstand the harshest environments and gives the tiles longevity and a service life over that of traditional tiles.
The Tilcor range includes seven distinctive profiles in a wide range of vivid colours enabling users to construct aesthetically pleasing roofs. Capturing the look of traditional tiles, the colours used are vibrant, colourfast and designed to remain looking strong and bold for years to come.
The profiles include a Classic texture tile, popular because of its angular look with sharp clean lines and sloping edges that add dimension to a rooftop, whereas the Bond design carries a more traditional British appearance, with a characteristic scalloped form. The unique shingled texture of the Royal design adds dimensions and shadow lines to a roof. Whereas, the Shake surfaced tile features a wood-grain form and is created to enhance the shadow lines and create a visual contrast.
The lightweight nature of the tile, combined with their size and shape, means they are easier and quicker to install and require fewer tiles per m2 than traditional tiles making them a cost effective solution.
Ian Quinton, MD of RCM said: “As the changes to the British Standards for Slating and Tiling BS5534 primarily affect roofing and building contractors, RCM are fully aware of the standards required to meet the UK’s challenging weather. Our Tilcor roofing tile range consistently delivers quality and product performance whilst offering contractors a lightweight alternative to slate and clay tiles.”
Tilcor is manufactured by the Ross Roof Group who have been involved in the roofing industry since 1942. Sustainability is an important focus for Tilcor, with all steel products being fully recyclable.
For manufacturers such as Tilcor, it is vital to nurture relationships with social landlords and housing contractors to ensure that housing stock is upgraded efficiently and effectively – providing savings and increasing comfort for residents and landlords alike, year after year.

For more information or samples please call 0800 612 4662, email info@rcmltd.biz,
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