Tried and tested for 20 years: Dry Fix Valley Troughs

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Hambleside Danelaw’s range of GRP dry fix valley troughs have been keeping UK roof junctions durable and sound for 20 years.

Backed with a 30 year service life guarantee and BBA Certified for peace of mind and quality assurance, these valley troughs have maintained their unique profile, standing the test of time.

Designed to provide hidden water gulleys at the roof valleys, these troughs are an ideal alternative to traditional lead. The popularity in lead alternatives is ever growing and manufacturers are responding to this demand. The most common replacement material used for roof flashings is glass reinforced polyester, widely known as GRP. This lightweight and durable material is simple to install and can imitate the appearance of lead.

As well as the similar aesthetics, GRP has none of the associated health and safety risks that arise when working with and handling lead. These risks come with a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of those working on site.

Due to its non-toxic properties, GRP can be used to safely recycle water. It does not produce harmful run-off or streak or stain, which makes it suitable for grey water systems. This is an important factor to consider with the current move toward ‘greener’ methods and materials with the bigger picture of a warming environment and the predicted increase in yearly droughts and water shortages.

Hambleside Danelaw’s GRP dry fix valley troughs provide the ideal solution to lead options.

For a healthy roof, use GRP - a lead alternative material.

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