Wakefield residents home and dry with Canopies UK

// the building envelope

As part of its ongoing regeneration programme the landlord and homebuilder, WDH, enlisted the full-service support of leading canopy manufacturer, Canopies UK, for the audit, removal and replacement of 600 canopies across the city.

The housing stock earmarked for regeneration varied from street to street, with a range of ageing concrete and wooden door canopies identified for removal, before retrofitting modern, paint and maintenance free GRP canopies. 

A manufacturing partner from the beginning

With such a variety of homes requiring a range of different sized canopies, Canopies UK undertook the initial auditing process on behalf of Wakefield District Council, delivering an end-to-end full solution designed to deliver cost and time efficiencies. The audit allowed the team to identify how the pre-existing canopies should be removed in accordance to health and safety requirements, as well as allowing Canopies UK to offer the client a choice of suitable fit-for-purpose design solutions to choose from.

Time constraints and consistent quality

Canopies UK formed the very last step in this particular schedule of works taking responsibility for completing the project on time ahead of the new financial year. Despite significant time constraints and work spread across 20 streets, Canopies UK was able to finish the project on time.

This project was a true testament to the manufacturer’s logistical capabilities, working on multiple locations consecutively, under both WDH and the authority’s lead contractor to ensuring consistency and accuracy at all times. 

Canopies which are engineered for purpose

Canopies UK engineers each of its canopies in accordance to site specific conditions, and this project required around 15 different variations of the same canopy design.

WDH selected the Rochester, a mono pitch canopy with a tongue and groove soffit and tile effect roof, for all 600 homes in the project. Canopies UK offers a comprehensive range of standard designs coupled with a bespoke manufacturing option, all of which are paint and maintenance free.

For more information, contact Sales Manager, Greg Parkins greg@canopiesuk.co.uk or call 01254 777 002 Ext 222. To view more products from Canopies UK, visit www.canopiesuk.co.uk.

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