Capturing the right information for Party Wall Insulation ECO funding

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Steve Smith, Market Development Manager at Knauf Insulation takes a look at the requirements to ensure a social housing provider has the relevant information to obtain funding for party wall insulation under the Energy Company Obligation.

Although the new version of RdSAP now includes heat loss via party walls in existing homes, it is important to note that a standard Energy Performance Certificate will NOT show insulation of the party wall as a recommended measure by default – even though it is likely to be one of the most cost effective measures in terms of installation cost and payback.

I thought it would be worthwhile providing a brief overview of how a social housing provider can ensure they capture the relevant information in order for the measure to be recorded sufficiently for funding requirements under the Energy Company Obligation.

Despite the fact that a standard EPC will not show party wall insulation as a recommended measure by default, the accompanying software which is used alongside the RdSAP software can be used to calculate the carbon savings which would be realized by insulating the wall. The user of the software has a simple option to select party wall insulation as a measure to be installed, and the software does the rest. The subsequent report can then be used to demonstrate carbon savings as part of a funding claim under the Energy Company Obligation.

We have worked closely with City West Housing Trust in Salford on a pilot project to insulate a number of party walls, and have also worked closely with a number of the RdSAP software providers to ensure we are well placed to provide guidance for social housing providers in terms of party wall insulation.

As we’ve found over the last 8 years, uninsulated party cavity walls are leading to a large amount of heat loss – and insulating them is one of the most cost effective measures which can be applied to reduce energy use of the home and fuel bills for the tenants.

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