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With over 12 years’ experience of providing Electric Heating and Hot Water products across the UK, The Electric Heating Company have assisted on many projects where Electric Heating Replacement Programmes have been undertaken in a range of Social Housing properties, in particular, Flats, Tower Blocks and Sheltered Housing Complexes. For several projects, aside from planned Replacement Programmes, the main driver for the projects has been concerns over the affordability and efficiency of existing electric heating systems installed in properties.

What is Direct Acting Electric Heating?
When householders are asked what type of heating system they prefer the answer is normally gas whilst in reality what they are looking for is an affordable, fully controllable and flexible heating system. The provision of a gas heating system is not always possible as there may be no access to a mains gas or the infrastructure of properties does not enable a gas heating system to be installed. Modern direct acting electric systems offer the homeowner the same controllability and flexibility that a gas central heating system offers.
Many people still believe that the only form of electric heating available is night storage heating.  However, Direct acting electric systems such as the Comet Electric Boiler and EHC Electric Combination Radiator systems offer full controllability, they are easy to operate and, on the correct electricity tariff, are affordable to run. This type of heating allows the homeowner to regulate the times and temperature of their heating system to suit their lifestyle. Individual control on radiators and central control via a programmer and room thermostat enables the homeowner to time the heating to go on and off to suit their lifestyle. This type of controllability results in energy cost savings throughout the year.
EHC Total Care Package Ensures this System is Efficient and Affordable for Tenants
Although direct acting electric heating is controllable and flexible, EHC believes that RSL’s tenants should be given the best advice available in the market and as such have been supporting their products over the past 12 years with their unique Total Care Package. This service ensures that, when operated in the correct manner, direct acting electric heating is an affordable type of heating. The Total Care Package incorporates Electricity Load Checks on property, supply of tariff rates to tenants, providing running cost indication and where necessary arranging change of electricity provider and organising electricity meter. In addition to this, EHC provide tenant education on the heating and hot water controls and supply each tenant with an Energy Monitor and Energy Information Pack.
For the RSL, the Total Care Package provides the additional benefit that for the entire life time the EHC electric heating system is installed in each RSL property, the Total Care Package will continue to apply to that property. This means when a new Tenant moves into the property, the EHC Customer Liaison Manager will start the Tenant education process afresh. For the RSL, the Total Care Package applies to each property and is not Tenant specific.
The Total Care Package by EHC really is a unique and first class service which assists Tenants in efficiently heating their home.

For further information on the EHC Total Care Package or how EHC’s Electric Boilers to Electric Combination Radiators could be suitable for your Tenants please contact EHC on 01698 820533 or visit our website at www.electric-heatingcompany.co.uk

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