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Air source heat pumps offer a practical and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, explains Anna Wakefield, Marketing and Communications Manager for Grant UK.

Housing Associations are increasingly looking to environmentally and economically sustainable alternatives to heat their housing stock. Air source heat pumps offer a practical and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Using basic thermodynamic principles, air source heat pumps convert latent heat contained within the air we breathe into heat energy, which can be used to provide heating and hot water.

When correctly sized and installed, air source heat pumps can typically lower annual fuel bills. More financial investment is generally needed in the building structure (for instance better insulation, double glazing, larger radiators or underfloor heating) to enable a renewable technology like this to be installed, but for Housing Associations, much of this type of work has already been undertaken as they have had to meet carbon reduction targets.

Grant UK first entered the heat pump market in 2010 and since then we have watched heat pumps grow in popularity. Our heat pumps are very straightforward to install as an alternative to say oil or LPG - particularly in off gas areas.

The Grant Aerona³ heat pump is available in three models (6kW, 10kW and 16kW). It was recently shortlisted for the 2018 NACR&HP Heat Pump Product Award and was also highly commended by the judges. The Aerona³ incorporates a number of clever features which enable it to be extremely efficient, even when the external temperatures drop to -20°C. MCS approved, these heat pumps not only deliver greener home heating for householders, but they are also user-friendly for engineers to install and maintain. The Grant Aerona³ comes with flexi hoses, valves, controller and built-in circulating pump as standard, factory-fitted components which help installers save time onsite.

Installation of the Aerona³ is straightforward because it is compatible with a common S-plan, keeping the number of alterations the installing engineer needs to make to the existing pipework to a minimum. The simplified electrics, consisting of a 3-core cable for the wiring centre and a 2-core flex for the controller, also make for a straightforward installation. Furthermore, the Aerona³ incorporates an integrated modulating HE pump which saves time and space. By not having to add an external pump, the plumber saves time on the pipework and the electrician saves time because there is no need to wire in an external pump.

By a combination of clever design features and improved insulation, the Aerona³ achieves low noise levels whilst operating. This provides a greater scope when specifying air source heat pumps for Housing Association properties, helping to comply with noise level requirements under MCS MIS3005 or Town and County planning criteria.

Grant has a history of its Heat Pumps being installed by Housing Associations to the benefit of their tenants. These have ranged from the smaller installations, such as the three Grant Aerona ASHE65 air source heat pumps which were installed in Crymych, Cardiganshire for Tai Cantref housing association, to the much larger. For instance, the Hebridean Housing Partnership installed 77 MCS approved Grant Aerona air source heat pumps, replacing existing solid fuel systems with this low carbon form of heating.

Easy to install, ideal for housing associations, and with outstanding technical and sales support from Grant UK, air source heat pumps are definitely a heating solution to keep in mind.

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