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With new Government’s new Boiler Plus legislation now in effect, landlords are being encouraged to invest in smart heating choices.

According to the Government report nearly a third of the homes in England are heated by older, inefficient boilers – so these new regulations remind us that now really is the time to start thinking of upgrades or alternatives.
Replacing old, outdated and inefficient heating systems with energy efficient systems, whether that’s a modern efficient boiler or a highly efficient renewable heating system like an air source heat pump, can save wasted energy, wasted money and improve comfort and health levels.
A new boiler or an air source heat pump also gives tenants peace of mind when it comes to reliability, especially over the winter.
The legislation is part of the drive to begin preparing for a shift to cleaner and smarter ways of heating our homes to keep household energy costs down, maximise comfort and reduce carbon emissions.
Upgrading to a modern gas boiler is a good way of improving efficiency in the short term. However the Government has also acknowledged that home heating needs to move to more renewable sources and has predicted heat pump installations of one million a year by 2030.
It may therefore make more sense to move to renewable heating now using the quarterly payments available under the Renewable Heat Incentive to reduce the payback period and future-proof properties.
Around 2.5 million domestic dwellings remain off the gas grid and one million of those rely on oil to heat their properties. Rising energy prices are seeing landlords move away from oil and storage heating towards heat pumps as the most efficient, cost-effective heating solution.
One recent example is a two-bed, family home in Gayton, Kings Lynn run by Longhurst Housing Association which needed a modern solution that would guarantee comfortable, stable temperatures.
By installing an Ecodan system alongside a 150 litre pre-plumbed cylinder, the inefficient storage heaters previously used to heat the property could be removed for good, providing tenants with a whole house full wet system and boosting the overall Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of the building.
Longhurst Housing Association has also been able to take advantage of the RHI scheme and has put in a claim for regular payments based on the amount of renewable heat the new system is expected to produce.
The social housing provider has a reputation for engaging with tenants in order to understand their circumstances and individual needs, allowing Longhurst Housing Association to make changes that benefit and improve their levels of comfort and wellbeing.
Aiden Skinner is a Project Surveyor and manages the heating programmes for L&H Home – part of the Longhurst Group.  After considering a number of different options, Aiden recognised that an air source heat pump would offer the efficiency and reliability they were looking for.
“Air source heat pumps, we feel, offer a hassle-free alternative to gas, particularly when there is no gas within the area. These properties all had old inefficient storage heaters which tenants always complain about so we needed to change the means of heating,” he explained.
“We hope that by installing the heat pump we will have provided the tenant with a much more efficient heating system, one that most importantly for tenants is more controllable and works far better and at a lower cost. We’re hopeful that tenants will get lower fuel bills and have much warmer homes now the installation has been completed.
Aaron Services, long-established heating and renewables specialists serving East Anglia and the Midlands, were responsible for the installation of the new system.
As a Mitsubishi Electric partner, Aaron Services were able to offer a high standard of full design and installation services compliant to all MCS requirements whilst also offering an extended warranty on the installation.

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