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As awareness of the effectiveness of indoor ventilation increases, social housing providers are facing a situation where their properties may, one day, be condensation free.  The benefits this would bring in terms of reduced burden on maintenance teams to deal with condensation and mould issues in the colder months, would potentially be huge.

It is therefore essential to specify a ventilation unit right first time, to avoid any issues further down the line - it is the reason why our ventilation specialists carry out a full survey at the start of the project.  Our ventilation systems are designed and manufactured in the UK and are thoroughly tested before leaving our facility – this gives social housing providers added reassurance that their ventilation units will work effectively.

Correct installation is equally as important as selecting the right unit and here at EnviroVent, we are able to ensure this is done as our ventilation systems are installed by our own highly skilled and fully trained team of installers. Our installation team are certified electricians who complete a rigorous training programme when they join the business so they can respond to any ventilation situation.  We also provide technical support and after-sales care, keeping everything in-house, so we can ensure our customers receive the highest quality service. What’s more, our Envirovent Rapid service guarantees to find and install a fully working ventilation solution in one visit within 10 days. 

In addition, housing associations are covered by 24/7 support through our technical team and we also offer real-time reporting to ensure housing associations know exactly what we’re doing, where we are working and when.

The reason we have developed our service so closely with housing associations is that we’re social housing ventilation experts.  It’s where our business started 30 years ago and it’s our dedicated area of expertise.  As a result, our products are ‘fit and forget’ and therefore need no resident intervention, no commissioning and zero maintenance. We design and build strong reliable ventilation systems that are made to last.

Earlier this year, we released a Social Housing Ventilation brochure.  This gives housing associations a better insight into how to create better indoor air quality in properties and reduce issues with condensation and mould growth.  Further to this, we have also designed our own social housing Condensation Training workshops. These courses, which are offered free of charge, have been introduced in response to demand from housing associations to help them understand what causes condensation and mould growth and how they can best help their tenants.

For more information on ventilation solutions from EnviroVent or to book onto a Condensation Training workshop, visit the website or call 0845 27 27 810.

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