Vortice contemplates the air that we breathe in light of Clean Air Day 2018

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We spend more than 90% of our time indoors and unless we take steps to ventilate our homes and workplaces correctly, the quality of the air we breathe can be fifty times more polluted than outdoor air, with all the associated health risks.  Why is that?  We only need to contemplate the number of cleaning products, hair sprays, paints, air fresheners and new furniture and carpets that we bring into our home to realise what we’re feeding our indoor air quality with.  The presence of condensation and mould can also worsen skin allergies and respiratory conditions.  Today’s new builds tend to be extremely airtight, which has its benefits in terms of heating bills, but doesn’t have the benefits of fresh air coming into the home.

To keep our homes healthy and avoid symptoms like dizziness, watery eyes, fatigue, headaches and coughing which can be caused by poor air quality, we need to take action.    Ideally, an airtight home should be matched with a mechanical ventilation system which removes moist and stale air.  Although opening your windows regularly helps to ensure air movement, the moment those windows are closed, the air quality deteriorates very quickly, particularly if you are cooking, taking a shower or spraying aerosols.  A continuous mechanical extract system from Vortice can cost less than £5 a year to run and is well worth the investment.  Another option, particularly useful for new build properties is a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery.  That does exactly what it says on the tin, it introduces fresh air into the property whilst recovering heat from the stale air that it is extracting and re-uses that heat by passing the fresh air over a heat exchanger.

It is however important that these units are maintained by ensuring the filters are cleaned regularly and changed every year to ensure the occupant is getting the freshest air within the home. Vortice heat recovery systems come with smart controllers which will warn the occupant when the filters need cleaning or changing. Filters are available directly from the new Vortice website (www.vortice.ltd.uk) along with full technical data sheets and instruction booklets.

Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn said ‘ After years of educating people about the importance of ventilation it is great that there is now a lot more knowledge and interest within the building industry on the importance of indoor air quality. We will definitely be supporting the clean air day initiative on 21st June here at Vortice and continuing to educate our customers on how to maintain a healthy environment by using Vortice expertise and product selection.’

For mechanical ventilation with heat recovery visit this link https://www.vortice.ltd.uk/product-category/residential-ventilation/heat-recovery/  and for fans for individual wet rooms visit this page https://www.vortice.ltd.uk/product-category/residential-ventilation/de-centralised-extract/ .

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