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When talking fire safety, we have spoken of Class 0&1 BS476 Parts 6&7 for years. But following on from this year’s Grenfell tragedy, is it now time to widen the discussion and for specifiers to start asking for 30&60 minutes fire protection also?

The recent fire at Grenfell Tower has certainly proved that Class 0&1 is simply not good enough. There was also a similar instance in China a few years ago where fire led to the collapse of a 38 storey building. Both of these buildings utilised class 0&1 cladding in their structure.
Once fire spreads to a Class 0&1 product, it will burn in little over a minute. Plastic and UPVC (which are now a more dangerous that polypropylene), will blaze ferociously whilst emitting toxic smoke.
Needless to say, if this burn time could be extended to between 30 or 60 minutes, there would be a much greater chance of evacuation or escape from a building engulfed in flames. Fire protection for 30 or 60 minutes allows time for most building to be evacuated.


1. Envirograf ‘Product 42’ HW02/E Clear & HW01 is a white intumescent coating that adds both 30 & 60 minutes fire protection to timber. The coating can be specified according to thickness and type of timber or timber-related product used within the structure.

HW02/E can also upgrade old panelled doors so that they may serve as fire doors within a building. It can be coated over existing paints or varnish, and is suitable for external use.

2. ‘Product 105’ is a 2 coat white system, used to upgrade the fire protection of 9mm/12.5mm plasterboard to over 60 & 70 minutes. It adds 74 minutes fire protection to lath-and-plaster walls and ceilings, making it an ideal product for listed buildings, hotels and guest houses where visitor safety is paramount.


The 1987 British Standard 476 - Part 22 clearly states that all ironmongery on fire doors should be protected with an intumescent coating and intumescent paper for behind hinges, around lock areas and behind steel door closers.
Envirograf currently offer 3 styles of door closer hinges, which can be speed-adjusted to suit any door, regardless of weight. Available in various finishes, our hinges provide 68 minutes fire protection. This makes them the ideal choice for specifiers and landlords looking to maximise the safety of both their building and its occupants.

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