How Safe is your bike when you’re not riding it?

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It’s every cyclists worst nightmare to find their pride and joy has been stolen. Increasingly thieves are tracking cyclists to see where their bikes are stored and then stealing them from their homes. Often bikes are stored in sheds, garages or out buildings which can be difficult to make completely secure.

Despite this there is an extremely limited range of products on the market which provide combined storage and security for domestic use. Cycle Secure has been developed to tackle this need head on.
The Cycle Secure wall mount offers cyclists easy to use secure wall mounted storage. Each kit comprises 2 steel wall mounts which are enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve and end cap which protects the bike frame finish from damage when hanging and removing the bike. The design cleverly incorporates a heavy duty steel gusset with a 50mm diameter opening which allows a good quality security chain to be looped through the frame and the wheels.
The product is available in single bike and two bike versions and is available in a number of finishes.

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