Raising defence to flooding

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UTS Engineering has unparalleled expertise in providing preventative solutions to the devastating consequences of flooding.

Our range of products and services continues to grow at a rapid pace.
Whether this involves our full service capability to design, manufacture and commission highly technical pipework solutions for the utilities sector or the installation of industry leading barriers and flood prevention systems through our specialist mitigation and intervention division, we operate across the UK 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
A fantastic solution we have brought to the UK is a self-closing flood barrier.
Traditional, manual operated flood barriers and floodgate systems need warning time and human intervention to be deployed successfully. Our automatic barrier rises as soon as flooding starts to occur, so giving immediate protection. The approaching floodwaters automatically raise the barrier, effectively using the problem to create
the solution!
High levels of research and investment has been dedicated to the barriers in response to the rapidly increasing incidence of flooding not just in the UK but across the globe.
The barriers have been developed to provide optimal protection against extreme high-water levels and have been successfully built and installed in several countries around the globe. With an unblemished 100% track record, it is a highly favourable preference when specifying optimal and cost effective but passive flood defence.
Rapid onset flooding usually causes the greatest damage due to the lack of time to deploy the more traditional type of manually operated floodgates and "demountable" systems, typically stored off site, and requiring human intervention. This system overcomes all the issues associated with these old generation flood defences and has the considerable advantage of not requiring any intervention during
a flood warning, which would otherwise put lives at risk.
It has undertaken more than 70 tests, including those for static load, dynamic load, buoyancy force, sand and gravel, duration, (35 days) extreme cold temperature, earthquake and obstruction. These concluded that the barrier never failed to activate and rose successfully in all tests. The system is made of very durable materials designed to last for between 50 to 100 years and remains virtually maintenance free for many years.
In non-flood conditions, all operational parts of the barrier are invisibly concealed in the ground inside the basin. When the floodwater enters the basin the floating wall barrier will start to float up inside the basin. This gives the rubber seals space to move
free when the barrier goes up, preventing wear of the seals.
When the floating wall is in the top position, the angled support block will push the wall to the dry side and ‘lock’ the wall in position. The seals will make a 100% watertight connection inside the basin and the guide rails. The seals have a life expectancy of over 30 years as they are protected underground and are not subject to UV degradation.
In its closed position the barrier is protected below ground level and therefore not prone to vandalism. The barrier is not energy driven and therefore still operates in the event of a power cut. When there is a flood the barrier will always rise completely, normally within a few minutes.
As the water level subsides back to its normal level, the floodwater drains out by either gravity or a pump located in the service pit, through a drain-pipe which is fitted with a one-way check valve. As the water continues to drain from the basin, the floodwall returns to its resting position. In its closed resting position, the lid of the barrier seals to prevent the inflow of waste or debris.
With a design life of 100 years and requiring minimal maintenance, it is not only an extremely effective flood defence system, but it makes a strong economic case too. With zero operational costs, the system has none of the high, on-going expenditure, associated with manually operated systems. When not in use, the barrier is protected underground, and its seals are sheltered from the elements. It offers optimal protection against extreme high-water levels and a rigorous on-going R&D program ensures it will remain the first choice for discerning clients seeking cost effective and superior flood defence solutions for decades to come.


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