Stove Guard - keeping vulnerable and elderly tenants safe from cooking fires

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With kitchen fires accounting for almost 50% of all house fires in the UK, Unicook demonstrates that an effective safety system doesn’t have to wait for a fire before it acts.

Cooking fires can be completely prevented with the award-winning Innohome Stove Guard from Unicook, the only product in the UK proven to effectively and reliably prevent cooking fires from starting in the first place.

Vulnerable and elderly people are at a higher risk when it comes to cooking fires. Unattended cooking, distractions, restricted mobility and those with complex needs contribute to a major concern for social landlords, for whom the consequences of a fire can be significant in terms of both material damage and financial implications.

“We’ve reduced the risk of fire for our more vulnerable residents” – Amicus Horizon Housing Association

Established fire safety systems literally wait for a fire to start before they act. By this point, the resulting smoke can be life threatening and damaging to property. Evacuation may also be necessary, causing huge upheaval for landlords and tenants alike. This ‘suppression’ approach to fire safety can be costly to install, maintain and require clean-up and refilling after activation.

“Stove Guard is invaluable in any home. It saves lives, prevents injuries and avoids the deeply distressing material damage which kitchen fires can cause” – East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

Stove Guard is a small, unobtrusive device which sits above the hob, monitoring the surface temperature. Not relying on a timer or PIR (movement) sensor, its intelligent heat sensor detects rapidly rising temperatures and automatically cuts off power to the cooker if it senses a potentially dangerous situation, thereby preventing toxic smoke and fires.

With almost 200,000 kitchens already protected across Europe, Stove Guard was the first product to meet the rigorous EN50615 fire safety standard: Prevention of Ignition.

Fire services and local authorities in the UK are installing and recommending Stove Guard due to its effectiveness, affordability, easy installation and having no maintenance requirement. It is also Telecare compatible (including the advanced Vivago Care Watch system) and costs only £1 a year to operate.

Unicook offer a full pre-configuration service, allowing for easy installation and ensuring peace of mind for both tenant and landlord.

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